Chasing 120

About the book:

Chasing 120 by Monte Wolverton deals with ever so popular and practiced premise of our society--do what it takes to live longer. Meet Dr. Tyler Belknap that has quite the following-due to the fact that he promises 120 years of life. The key to this longevity is his Bible based regimen and of course the purchase of his products. Dr. Belknap is seen on TV, writes books and brings the followers into his fold. All is good until some of the "cult" following begin to have severe side effects. Along the way Dr. Belknap has ignored warning signs about the manufacturing of these products. He has taken steps to ensure "mum is the word" when anything at all crops up negative about his food and supplements. You will meet Dave and Marcia Whitman and their teenage son. They are staunch followers and believers of Dr. Belknap--until their son becomes ill. Their leader has led them down a path of lies and deceit. We as a people so many times want to have that "Savior" to answer our questions, lengthen our life, etc. Misplaced faith - the truth and consequences of it.

About Monte Wolverton

A native of Vancouver, Washington, Monte Wolverton is a designer, artist, cartoonist and writer. He is a former managing editor and design director for Plain Truth magazine, and holds an MA from Vermont�s Goddard College. His editorial cartoons are syndicated worldwide and he is an ordained minister. He lives in southwest Washington with his wife Kaye, near children and grandchildren.


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