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The Insider's Dossier

The Insider's Dossier by Andrew Packer is a look at legal insider trading and illegal insider trading. This book is very informative and written in a way that even a novice trader can understand and apply the techniques for legal insider trading. The discussion on the SEC and it's function in the world of stocks is very interesting. The ...

The Light In Her Life

The Light In Her Life by Charles M. is Iris's story. Iris is a young paralegal (divorce attorneys), married and like most others wading through life. Iris is walking through the park and is struck by lightning. There begins the change in Iris's life that will enthrall the reader to the very last page of the book. After the lightning ...

The Lord of the Rings- Box Set

The Lord of the Rings tells an epic tale of good against evil, spanning three volumes - The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King. The story begins at Bag End in the Shire, at the home of Frodo Baggins. Frodo is a Hobbit - a small creature with hairy feet and a large appetite, not normally prone to adventuring. Frodo has ...

The Lost Years

A fantastically page-turning new thriller from the world's favourite thriller writer, featuring all the twists, turns and chillingly close-to-the-bone storylines that her millions of fans know and love.

The Love Dare

Too many marriages end when someone says "I've fallen out of love with you" or "I don't love you anymore." The Love Dare discusses how these statements reveal a lack of understanding about the fundamental nature of true love. As featured in the popular new movie Fireproof, from the team that brought us the #1 best selling DVD Facing the ...

The Massacre at Yellow Hill

The Massacre at Yellow Hill by C.S. Humble and published by Black Rose Writing is a story about a hellacious evil entity that has tremendous powers and surrounds itself with other hideous creatures that love to eviscerate its victims. The story takes place in West Texas in the 1870's. The first victim introduced in the story is thirty-five-year-old ...

The Movie Star and Me

The Movie Star and Me by Kelly Durham opens on the movie set in 1941. Durham moves from there to 1945 in Japan with Lieutenant Russell. He immediately is drawn into battle and is injured. His stay at the front lines though brief, will prove to set in motion a movie, his involvement with Vera Vance and the secrets of the studio. Lt. Russell is ...

The Northeast Quarter

The Northeast Quarter by S. M. Harris is Ann Hardy's story - the book begins in the early 1900's in Iowa. Ann's grandfather, Colonel Wallace Carson has a vast holding of land. His agriculture empire is extremely impressive for the times and the region. Carson has a certain plot of land, that he calls the Northeast Quarter, that is ...

The Opera

The Opera by Kateland Leveille is poetry, this book will definitely have you leaving your comfort zone. The poems are meant to be read like a novel. One day, one man coming and going in and out of sanity. What is sanity, what is insanity? As you read you will seek to understand what he has been through and how life has "effected" him. The man, ...

The Pakistani Connection

The Pakistani Connection by Stuart Craigie is a book of espionage, intrique and terrorism. The United States has set out and succeeded in killing Bin Laden, but the MI6 has reasons to believe that Bin Laden has not been running Al Qaeda for quite sometime. They send two of their best agents to infiltrate and destroy this faction of Al Qaeda. John ...

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