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Zack's Choice

Zack's Choice by Harry E. Gilleland, Jr. is the story of an adventure by Zack Gresham. Zack is a law student at Yale who embarks on a cross country motorcyle ride to visit his parents. Zack takes this ride to see the country, visit his parents and then get back to Yale to finish his law degree. The ride is everything Zack had envisioned until ...

Zack's Ranch (Bridleton) (Volume 3)

Zack's Ranch by Becky Barker is a Bridleton Book #3. It features Meredith and Zack. Zack's family owns a large ranch and Meredith is employed by his family. Meredith was previously married to a U. S. soldier who was killed in battle. She arrives at the ranch at a very hard time in her life - trying to get past being a young widow. Zack ...

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