Myracles in the Void - Book Review

Myracles in the Void

Author: Wes Dyson
Genre: Young Adult - Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Date Published: April 12, 2022
ISBN-10: 1737910500
ISBN-13: 9781737910503

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Book Review of :  Myracles in the Void


Myracles in the Void is a fantasy/adventure novel by Wes Dyson. He presents a beautiful, unique magic-filled world that becomes the backdrop for the adventures, struggles, and trials of the two protagonists, Gaiel and Lynd Izz. It is a tale of a genuinely estranged family with a father who has deserted them and becomes a Void, a monster of destruction. The Izz siblings possess antipodal powers, Gaiel is blessed with positive powers, but Lynd is endowed with destructive powers. They are living with their mother, Mape, in Dyson’s fantasy floating slum called Hop. Like most adolescents, they yearn to leave their home for something more exciting and wonderful. But they also want to find their father, who abandoned them five years prior, in hopes of finding clues or answers for Lynd’s curse of causing destruction. And to complicate things more for Gaiel, his sister mysteriously disappears, and he must find her. It is time to leave Hop because the inhabitants have turned against his family.

Dyson does a fantastic job of world-building, filling his complex creation with fantastical settings and magic called (‘ruin’ and ‘elix,’ ‘red and blue,’ ‘bad and good’). The novel’s plot moves along swiftly but is mined with red herrings and plot twists that keep you meandering through this narrative labyrinth, amazed at its many plot shifts. The theme of good vs. evil is played throughout the story. There is a war waged in the novel, with both of the main characters very involved in the outcome of the conflict.

The characters of Myracles in the Void are well developed and powerfully portrayed. Each one like Lynd, Gai, Kabbage, or Mac, is brilliantly done and is instrumental to the story. The tale also introduces you to a giant sea turtle named Emilie that helps the siblings escape from Hop.

The ending, though satisfying, hints at more to come. Once you have digested this magic-filled world, you would be very much looking for more adventures from this strange land.

The tale illustrates the reservoir of heroism within us and what sheer determination can accomplish, and it also talks of redemption, sacrifice, and faith.

An energetic, innovative, and perceptive leap into the magical realm of Dyson’s imagination that sparkles with the most potent elements of fairytale, myth, and invented fantasy. Myracles in the Void is a fresh new fantasy/adventure world to explore.  

Reviewed by: David H.

About Wes Dyson


Wes Dyson is a creative marketer and dog-daddy of four Pomskies living in Western MA. He loves classical music and earthy, grass-tasting tea.

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