A Fox in the Fold - Book Review

A Fox in the Fold

Author: T.K. Ambers
Genre: Fiction - Thriller - Terrorist
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Date Published: June 2, 2019
ISBN-10: 1684332966
ISBN-13: 9781684332960

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Book Review of :  A Fox in the Fold


A contemporary psychological thriller, A Fox in the Fold by T. K. Ambers will keep the reader in suspense from the prologue and the first sentence that states “It had been the longest night of her life, …”. This crime thriller, with romance and high society glam, is the second book in a series that also reads as a stand-alone. The novel relates enough of the previous story to keep the fast-paced plot of mystery and random acts of violence offset with scenes of contemporary high society partying.

The main characters, unmarried siblings Bell, Bernie, and Alex, develop the plot through interaction and quirky conversations. The dialogue is in a modern tone as the three protagonists, in their mid to late twenties, are terror-stricken by violence but still involved in hip black-tie affairs. Each has inherited one of their parents’ businesses. Bernie runs the 365th Street Jazz Club. Bell oversees the Price & Fitz Modeling Agency. Alex has control of the Price & Fitz Department Store. All three are professional models who enjoy dressing in high fashion and participating in runway shows.

The author writes well-crafted descriptions and emotionally charged characters. Alex is dressed for a modeling catwalk in a sparkling, dark grey suit with a black dress shirt, a long swirling coat with a matching fedora set off with a purple feather and a purple tie. His second outfit consists of skin-tight black leather pants with vertical zippers, black leather combat boots, an unbuttoned teal silk shirt with zippers to match

the pants, a black leather tie, and a leather briefcase. The young women’s outfits are just as dramatic.

While trying to run the modeling business and participate as professional models, the siblings face emotionally charged challenges resulting from the deaths of friends. Are they targets in a deadly game? Together they struggle to survive an emotionally devastating world while trying to maintain a normal business world. Who was trying to frighten them or kill them and why?

Initially, the local police believe that coincidence causes the family to be paranoid. However, after several terrifying incidents, the police begin to become suspicious and aid the wealthy siblings.

The writing is similar to James Patterson’s world of characters with tantalizing dialogue and never-ending drama. Readers of espionage and fans of crime thrillers will find this book enticing and will eagerly watch for a sequel.

Reviewed by: carol w

About T.K. Ambers


T.K. Ambers is a long-time lover of anything creative. She divides her time amongst family, travel, and the creative arts. She has a strong thirst for knowledge and learning new things, which she fulfills by reading articles and novels on a vast variety of subjects. She believes that life is short and each day is its own adventure.

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