Ascendant - Book Review


Author: Susy Smith
Genre: Fiction - Science Fiction
Publisher: Babylon Books
Date Published: August 8, 2023
ISBN-10: 1954871783

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Book Review of :  Ascendant


Ascendant is the thrilling sequel to Susy Smith's Asylum series, published by Babylon Books. In this second installment, readers delve deeper into the harrowing journey of Lacy Monroe and Jace Cooper as they face incredible challenges in the hopes of reuniting.  

After the catastrophic Big Crash, Senator Thomas Monroe seized the chance to assert his dictatorial control over the government. With unwavering determination, he sets out to eradicate any form of opposition by any means necessary. Amidst the chaos and despair, Lacy Monroe, the Senator's niece, and her partner, Jace Cooper, are entangled in a dangerous scheme masterminded by her uncle, Senator Thomas Monroe. 

In a cunning move, the Senator manipulates his niece and Jace, the two lovers, sending them to two different locations for highly different purposes. He has misread them and underestimates their unwavering determination. His true goal is to use them to achieve his conquest plans. Unfortunately, these plans lead to Lacy being ensnared by a sex-trafficking ring. How will she escape?  

Lacy and her companions launch a multi-pronged resistance while staying one step ahead of her uncle's troops. Together, they will defy the odds, spurn Senator Monroe's plans, and strive to restore peace to a fractured world. It is a gripping narrative that captures the essence of strength and love amidst chaos.   

The plot of this story delves into familiar themes of a dystopian society, but what sets it apart is its fast-paced narrative and vivid depiction of a world torn apart by war. Many of the riveting scenes are a balance between gritty reality and the unsettling, creating an unexpected and captivating aspect of what this dystopian society is like. Readers are transported into a disintegrated world where civilization has collapsed, and chaos is the new normal.  Hate and distrust are rampant - even Jace's brother becomes his enemy - a brother who is full of hate and jealousy. It is a world without police, only military police. It seems that committing crimes is the only way to survive. 

Susy Smith's Ascendant combines elements of science fiction, fantasy, and dystopia to create a gripping tale of savagery, human trafficking, rape, murder, and other forms of evil. Both protagonists, Lacy and Jace, find themselves trapped in a bleak destiny with no apparent means of escape. However, a glimmer of hope remains - perhaps a miracle can save them. Jace and Lacy are driven by their love for each other and their ambition to foil Senator Monroe and bring some semblance of peace to a fractured world. Discover the possibility of salvation in Ascendant.

Reviewed by: david

About Susy Smith


Susy Smith is a celebrated dystopian storyteller, author, and curriculum specialist for the Kanza Tribe in Oklahoma. Armed with a deep understanding of language, the resilience of the human spirit, and a bachelor�s degree in English, she weaves captivating, award-winning stories that leave readers wanting more. Smith's literary journey commenced with "Asylum," a gripping novel that clinched the 2020 Writer Con contest in the novel category. She continues to engage audiences with "Ascendant," the second installment in the "Asylum" series, further probing the intricacies of survival, freedom, and the dark side of human nature. In addition to her novels, Smith occasionally crafts poetry, adding a unique dimension to her diverse repertoire. Her authentic writing style echoes her experiences living in a small Oklahoma town with her husband, four grown children, and two furry dog-children.

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