The Chinese Shadow Game - Book Review

The Chinese Shadow Game

Author: Stuart Craigie
Genre: Fiction - Thriller - General
Date Published: August 1, 2016
ISBN-10: B01J471EE0
ISBN-13: 9781483576442

Book Review of :  The Chinese Shadow Game

the-chinese-shadow-game.jpg The Chinese Shadow Game By Stuart Craigie is an international thriller - suspense, terrorism, torture. Roger Jones as been captured and tortured beyond belief. He is a MI6 agent and has been taken prisoner and held in North Korea. Jones is not the first to disappear--there are others that have information that have disappeared also. The information has to do with the illegal sale of military satellite technology. Those sales involve the Chinese. While Jones is being held captive and tortured, Mike Sanders and Heidi Klusman enter the investigation. Mike and Heidi have a relationship, but he maintains residence in Scotland and she in Germany. Mike was once very involved in MI6, but is now semi-retired. Heidi is an investigative journalist. The two of them are planning some time together--their agencies have different plans for them. Neither are interested in entering the terrorism, dark world but have no choice. MI6 wants Mike's expertise and the German BND has involved Heidi. Both have been excellent in the past in this type of operation. They set out to try and untangle the complicated "goings on" by the Chinese and North Korean military. If the information is obtained regarding the satellite technology and put to use the wrong way - it will change the makeup and order of the entire world. Nuclear missiles, political and financial ruin and control are all hanging in the midst of these tyrants. The Chinese Shadow Game is very fast paced and riveting. Craigie has done a very fine job in his research and information - you will be glued to this one. Another by Craigie that is a very good read is The Pakistani Connection.

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The Pakistani Connection

A fascinating interview with Stuart Craigle about his latest book, "the Pakistani Connection," and its scary scenario of terrorists obtaining nuclear capabilities.

About Stuart Craigie

craigie-stuart.jpg The author was born in 1945 at the end of WWII in the North West Frontier province of war time India (now Pakistan); son of Major Ian Craigie of Scottish and Russian parentage. He is married, has adaughter and has lived and worked in Germany for the past twenty years. He holds dual British and German citizenship. His early childhood was spent in Kenya East Africa. He finished his academic career studying Physics at University College London. After obtaining a B.Sc first class honors and Ph.D. degree he began research in high energy nuclear particle physics. Over the next fourteen years he published over eighty scientific works in major physics journals and proceedings of international conferences, His publications included two monographs and two books.(Most of his works can be found in the ww web under ?N S Craigie?) During his research years he visited the Soviet Union and a number of east block countries attending symposiums, giving seminars and collaborating with east block physicists on joint projects. These experiences gave him a vivid impression of life behind the iron curtain during the cold war and brought him indirectly in contact with the KGB and East German Stasi, who were monitoring the scientists he had contact with. In 1984 he left academia and entered industry as a developer of intelligent sensors for the automation industry. In his first four years he submitted and was granted six patents in the above mentioned field. In 1990 he took up a position as a senior executive of his current employer and became its joint CEO and Managing Director in 1994. One of his important tasks was chairman of the board of the directors of a joint venture company in Shanghai. Over a period ofsixteen years he visited and worked in China on numerous occasions. As a frequent traveler over the years, visiting almost all continents, numerous countries, including most of the major cities around the world, he often took for leisure an exciting spy thriller novel from one or other of his favorite authors: Forsyth, le Carre, and Higgins. As time went on he had read most of their works as well the works of Follet, Arthur, Clancy, Forbes and others, so that he found less and less to read. Five years ago this gave him the motivation to write spy novels himself as part of a wider urge to write about life in general. He is aided by a vivid imagination combined with his many interesting and unusual experiences in life. His other major pastimes are scuba diving, in which he has the Master Scuba Diver certification and making UW films. In his student days he had a great interest in philosophy and the development of human behavior and their social order This interest is beginning to re-assert itself and in the future he intends to write something on his thoughts in this direction, but for the time being crime and espionage thrillers, will be his main preoccupation

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