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"Son of the Doomsday Prophet" is the captivating biblical tale of Noah’s son, Jayfeth, and the ark written by acclaimed author Steven J. Byers. This thought-provoking novel follows Jayfeth, Noah's eldest son, as he navigates the harrowing final moments of the world's cataclysmic demise. Byers delivers a mesmerizing journey through ancient history that will leave you questioning and inspired.   

We first meet the protagonist, Jayfeth, as a boy and follow his life as he grows into an adult who is forced into the life of a hero during the antediluvian period with its pagan religions and debauchery. This novel is not historical fiction, but rather a speculative re-imagining of the story of Noah. However, it closely follows the biblical version of the Noah's Ark story. 

Even with that said, I was very impressed with the level of research within the story itself. I was captivated by his imaginative retelling and elaboration of the original biblical version of Noah's Ark.

"Son of the Doomsday Prophet" isn't your typical scholarly work. Instead, it captivates readers with its fast-paced narrative, heart-wrenching moments, and epic action sequences. This gripping story skillfully combines timeless biblical truths with compelling storytelling, making it an unforgettable read. Byers is a master storyteller who effortlessly integrates these truths into the thoughts and actions of his characters, without coming across as preachy. 

The protagonist in the novel unwillingly plays his part in the epic drama. However, he lacks confidence in his identity and is overwhelmed by doubts and confusion as he struggles to meet everyone's expectations placed upon him. 

Noah's urgency to have his sons marry before the promised flood is one interesting episode of the book, as it follows their struggle to find suitable wives. Along the way, they encounter significant challenges when Noah realizes that some of the women his sons care for belong to doomed tribes. The narrative also explores the difficulties faced in constructing the ark and the skepticism surrounding Noah's sanity and credibility. The characters in the story are depicted as living for hundreds of years, and despite Noah's relentless warnings to others about the impending doom, his messages go unheeded, and unfortunately, putting his own life in danger. The people revered and feared the "The Sons of the Gods are the Others—the Watchers" more than God. 

Most of the narrative is done in 1st person. The conversations between the characters are very down to earth. The book is very easy to read and is an exceptionally well-plotted and fresh take on one of the oldest and most well-known stories known to man. Son of the Doomsday Prophet is a book you are bound to enjoy.

Reviewed by: James B

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Steven Byers is a consultant and writer contemplating the mysteries of life from his off-the-beaten-path home in rural western Missouri. His first novel The Life of Your Time was a Top 10 category pick by the American Library Association's Booklist magazine, which called it "a highly original, nimble tour de force." You can keep up to date on Steve's writing projects by filling out the sign-up form at

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