At the Ready - Book Review

At the Ready

Author: Sharon Michalove
Genre: Romance - Suspense
Publisher: Sharon Michalove
Date Published: August 25, 2023
ISBN-10: ‎ 173691877X
ISBN-13: ‎ 173691877X

Book Review of :  At the Ready


"At the Ready" by Sharon Michalove is an action-packed thriller and the third installment of the Global Security Unlimited series. This novel seamlessly combines modern-day romance, high-stakes espionage, a fierce female lead, and a captivating journey to gay Paree. Perfect for adult readers seeking a captivating escape. Michalove sprinkles a few French phrases and curses to add to its authenticity.

Michalove pens the tale of protagonist Micki Press, a resilient lawyer from Chicago determined to make her mark in a traditional law firm. Meanwhile, JL Martin, the accomplished CEO of a company named WatchDog Inc., finds himself navigating the complexities of family matters. Micki Press also has personal issues as she becomes the target of her ex-lover's menacing presence. Martin, who admires Micki, comes to her rescue, sparking a fiery bond that transcends mere friendship. However, the two face numerous obstacles that make their relationship seem impossible. Micki's demanding work schedule clashes with JL's complicated family situation, creating a chaotic dynamic and a major issue for any real potential union.

Michalove offers up an exhilarating adventure filled with espionage, globally spread terrorism, and a captivating ensemble of characters. Parts of the novel parallel real life with politicians using private information to make illegal stock trades and hiding a bigamous marriage and illegitimate children. Through the protagonist's journey to land a partnership with the Chicago Law Firm, she defies gender stereotypes and strives to prove that a woman lawyer can be just as effective and powerful as her male counterparts. Meanwhile, she must navigate the relentless pursuit of her deranged ex-boyfriend, Sam Beaton, whose obsession with her poses a serious threat. As the truth about his troubled past unravels, the extent of his danger is revealed, adding to the tension and suspense of the story.   Sam feels that if he can't be with her, then he should make it so that no one else ever will!

The author provides a realistic view of the profound connections and trust developed among individuals working in high-pressure situations. The protagonists and their entourage also share a passion for gastronomic adventures. You get to have a peek into the legendary Chicago sushi restaurant, Tanoshii, and some other eateries. You are also introduced to Stanley, a famous Karaoke bar in Chicago.

 In short, At the Ready is a fascinating story featuring lovable characters, enchanting settings of places we all would love to visit, and a fast-moving, thrilling adventure to keep the adrenaline flowing. What is not to like?

Reviewed by: James B.

About Sharon Michalove


Sharon Michalove writes romantic suspense and traditional mystery as well as being a published historian. After growing up in suburban Chicago, she spent most of her life in a medium-sized university town, working as an academic professional as well as teaching history. She was married to a composer and frequently uses her knowledge of music, history, and food to enrich her novels. A hockey fan, Sharon moved back to Chicago in 2017 so she could go to Blackhawks games and spend quality time at Eataly Chicago.

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