Breaking Free From Pain : From Suffering To Strength, My Own Personal Journey With Fibromyalgia And Healing Modalities - Book Review

Breaking Free From Pain : From Suffering To Strength, My Own Personal Journey With Fibromyalgia And Healing Modalities

Author: Shari Emami
Genre: Non Fiction - Health - Fitness
Publisher: Bowker Books
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: N/A

Book Review of :  Breaking Free From Pain : From Suffering To Strength, My Own Personal Journey With Fibromyalgia And Healing Modalities


The cover art of Breaking Free from Pain, by Shari Emami, will attract the reader's attention with its colorful drawing of pain points. The subtitle, From Suffering to Strength, My Own Personal Journey With Fibromyalgia and Healing Modalities will entice readers suffering from the excruciating and often misdiagnosed pain of this debilitating condition to explore the author's journey under misunderstood circumstances. The fatigue, constant pain, and the author's limited mobility led her not only to a sense of hopelessness but also to take control of her own recovery.

Emami shares relatable anecdotes from her quest to find out what was causing her such unexplainable pain. She asks, "Why me?" and chronicles her experiences with doctors and her own extensive personal research into her condition. Readers will feel her pain and anguish as she writes in the first person and addresses the reader in a personal manner. 

 From Emami's initial diagnosis and the challenging prognosis of this incurable, lifelong condition, she openly shares her emotional roller coaster journey of not only grappling with the primary diagnosis but also being diagnosed with PTSD and various emotional challenges. Through her narrative, she delves into the methods and processes that aided her in navigating this complex journey, shedding light on her personal holistic approach to recovery. Emami compassionately outlines the steps she found instrumental in her recovery process, emphasizing the empowerment of taking control of one's life. Her comprehensive guide encompasses strategies to manage pain effectively, the importance of incorporating daily exercise, the significance of establishing mundane yet soothing daily routines to alleviate discomfort, the pivotal role of nutrition, and the value of seeking and embracing emotional support as pillars of her healing journey.

Because fibromyalgia pain is often invisible to others, Emami openly shares her personal journey of navigating work responsibilities, pursuing education, and how the condition influences her social interactions. Her unwavering spirit and remarkable resilience serve as a beacon of inspiration to many who face similar challenges.

Her insightful recommendations on maintaining a health journal to enhance collaborative care, along with various effective strategies for engaging with specialists, serve as an empowering guide. Additionally,
she delves into the advantages of adopting a plant-based diet in a dedicated chapter, shedding light on its numerous benefits for overall well-being.

Maintaining a health journal can be a powerful tool for enhancing collaborative care between patients and their healthcare providers. By keeping track of symptoms, treatments, and any changes in health status, patients can provide crucial insights to their doctors that may otherwise go unnoticed. This allows for more personalized and effective treatment plans.

Another aspect of maintaining good health is through diet. In her book, Emami discusses the benefits of adopting a plant-based diet. This type of diet has been shown to improve overall health and reduce the risk of various chronic diseases. By incorporating more plant-based meals into one's diet, individuals can experience improved energy levels, weight management, and better gut health.

Emami passionately shares her insights to empower fellow fibromyalgia sufferers by offering many innovative ideas, effective methods, and advanced treatments to alleviate symptoms. Moreover, her heartfelt words inspire, urging individuals to proactively manage their well-being and embark on a journey toward improved health and vitality.

Emami's work focuses on creating a community of support for those with fibromyalgia, as well as educating the general public about this often misunderstood condition. She encourages open dialogue and understanding, challenging misconceptions and promoting empathy towards fibromyalgia sufferers. Emami aims to break the stigma surrounding chronic pain and promote a more inclusive and understanding society through her writing and activism.

Reviewed by: Carole W.

About Shari Emami


Shari Emami is a board certified holistic practitioner, award winning author and educator. She is a former fibromyalgia patient and has been symptom free since 2016.

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