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It Won't Always Be This Great - Book Review

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Book Review of :  It Won't Always Be This Great

it-won-t-always-be-this-great.jpg It Won't Always Be This Great by Peter Mehlman is one man's story of mid-life crisis. The story is told by a narrator - a podiatrist - who by the way is the man in crisis. He has a lovely wife and two children that he adores. All is rocking along just fine until he throws a jar of horseradish through a store window. The hurling of this jar turns his world upside down and not just a little bit. Mehlman is a great storyteller - he weaves anti-Semitism, mystery, crime and a variety of other circumstances into a book that will have you hooked throughout. And you will laugh!!!!! Mehlman pulls the real and the surreal together in a very entertaining and delightful way. Enjoy!!!

About Peter Mehlman

mehlman-peter.jpg Peter Mehlman is a Primetime Emmy Award nominee and former Seinfeld writer/producer, responsible for famous Seinfeld-isms such as ?sponge worthy?, ?double-dipping? and ?Yada Yada?. Alongside his impressive TV career, he has written for top literary publications, including The Los Angeles Times. New York Times Magazine, NPR, GQ, Esquire, and a multitude of top tier publications.

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