The Wanderer: The Planetary Fixer Trilogy Book 1 - Book Review

The Wanderer: The Planetary Fixer Trilogy Book 1

Author: Patrick Ramos
Genre: Fiction - Action
Publisher: Independently published
Date Published: November 1, 2023
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 979-8862486773

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Book Review of :  The Wanderer: The Planetary Fixer Trilogy Book 1


New author P. R. Ramos is proud to introduce his first book, The Wanderer, in a new series, The Planetary Fixer Trilogy. The novel is an amalgamation of different genres and will appeal to science fiction and adventure lovers and readers who enjoy a good suspenseful plot. 

Although the book contains some explicit language and violence as well as sexual contact, it would be appropriate for mature young adults as well as adventure-loving readers. The plot commences with the hero, Zaelen, leaving New York City after completing an assignment for his boss. Only much later does the reader learn who and what the assignment entails and who is his boss. Zaelen is Earth's most renowned and prosperous man. Unknown to the population, he is also an extraterrestrial.

Zaelen has AI-enabled capabilities.  Nanotechnology, body implants, and transplants have made him a human and synergy-blended exceptional individual. His consciousness and intelligence are combined with technology, giving him a mental assistant called Dex.

Assignment complete on Earth, Zaelen uncloaks his spaceship and travels to the aid of another planet. Drones provide information on the planet, showing it to be Earth-like but infected with humanoid silver-fiend monsters who are terrorizing and killing the citizens. Described as huge sea-titans reptiles with crocodile-like mouths and lobster-like claws, one monster devoured the spaceship.

Humor is inserted in the plot with the swallowed ship's outcome and mental internal dialogue between Zaelen and Dex. While investigating the monsters and the new planet, Zaelen meets several classes of citizens, each with specific characteristics and physical abilities enabled by Qi. Zaelen rescues a noble's son and is enticed into the bedroom by the wife of royalty. He admits to being a lowly "ord." He is forced to become a killer in self-defense, is poisoned, attacked with swords and knives, and fights the monsters.  The battle scenes are violent and not for the squeamish. Although the martial arts-trained citizens are physically enhanced, they fight with archaic weapons reminiscent of Medieval times.

The enigma of Zaelen's personality and physical strengths is a conundrum to his newfound friends and enemies alike. The social class structure of this planet's society is a paradox to him as he tries to be assimilated into the society while trying to understand strange politics. There are several hints of romance within the plot to keep things interesting.

In spite of the violence, this science-fiction novel is a fun read, with just enough variety of characters to counterbalance an impossibly enhanced extraterrestrial. Readers will anticipate Zaelen's next adventure in Book 2.  

Reviewed by: Carole W

About Patrick Ramos


Transitioning from a military veteran to a high school teacher, and then diving into the sales world, I've now decided to sit down and unleash my novels upon the world. With a trove of untold stories pent up over the years, it's high time to give them their rightful freedom. And hey, it's not just books; I've got an insatiable appetite for all things Fantasy/Sci-fi - movies, TV shows, anime, video games, you name it!

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