The Home Boss Toolkit: Branding Success for Self-Publishers - Book Review

The Home Boss Toolkit: Branding Success for Self-Publishers

Author: Nuria Corbi
Genre: Non Fiction - Self Help
Publisher: Homeboss Media
Date Published: July 24, 2023
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 9781739486501

Book Review of :  The Home Boss Toolkit: Branding Success for Self-Publishers


The Home Boss Toolkit, Branding Success for Self-Publishers, authored by Nuria Corbi, is a must-read for aspiring and self-published authors who want to increase their sales. Nuria has condensed her vast experience as an entrepreneur, graphic designer, and a self-publishing expert into this helpful text. Her book is informative and educational and will be used often as a reference by self-publishing authors.

Nuria’s friendly, personal writing style will captivate readers. She writes in first person and addresses her reader as “you,” inviting the reader to participate in her experiences. Nuria is well known by her more than 62 thousand followers of “HomeBoss,” her YouTube channel. Her vast experience with social media will enable and empower readers who are fledgling authors to consider these necessary publicity channels. Authors who have already self-published will be motivated to explore Nuria’s proven experiences for strategies and insights to increase their sales. Writers and self-publishers of diaries, journals, and other small books will also benefit from her expertise.

Nuria’s experience has shown that branding that reflects the author’s personality, genre, and writing style is necessary to connect the author with potential readers. Authors of a series of books, whether or not they are in the same genre but are published by the same person, should consider a branding for themself as self-publishers. In both cases, branding involves creating a unique “voice” so readers can identify with the authors.

Branding and self-publicity involve those means to create book sales. It is the business of creating a unique “footprint” that will be recognizable and memorable. Nuria discusses creating a logo, both pictorial and text. She discusses fonts, color choices, and creating a catchy name.

Creating a mission statement and specific, attainable and measurable goals will help the writer define his target audience. Following an introduction to the main topics, Nuria goes into depth with suggested exercises for the reader’s edification.
Nuria transforms dull topics into interesting ones. She provides invaluable insights for developing a powerful and unique brand story, techniques for captivating online audiences, guidance on harnessing the potential of social media and other digital marketing resources, and real-life examples of triumphant self-publishing endeavors.

The author includes much-needed information on using digital formats such as authors’ websites, various social media sites, and an email list. She shows how to locate a target audience in each of these formats. She includes suggestions for getting the author’s name and/or name of the self-publishing company before the reading public.

Writers become so involved with wordsmithing, creating a story, revising and editing it, and then the process of actually self-publishing that they often think the book will sell itself. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with thousands of new ebooks, physical books, etc entering the market.  It is a fantastic guide for anybody serious about building a brand and selling more.
 Nuria has also created The Home Boss Tool Kit Companion Workbook for use with her book.

Reviewed by: Carole

About Nuria Corbi


Nuria Corbi is a multifaceted entrepreneur, graphic designer, and self-publishing expert with a passion for empowering others to achieve success in their creative pursuits. Born in Spain and raised in Germany, Nuria has called London home since 1982, where she has cultivated a diverse and accomplished career spanning various industries. With a diploma in graphic design, a certificate in foreign language teaching, and business studies under her belt, Nuria has an impressive background that has informed her approach to branding and self-publishing. Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, she has owned and operated several businesses, including a bakery shop, a language school, an online jewellery business, and a gardening blog. Since 2019, Nuria has been actively publishing on Amazon KDP, sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience with aspiring self-publishers. Nuria is also the creator of the popular YouTube channel, The Home Boss, where she shares valuable tips and insights on creating a thriving business from home through self-publishing. As an award-winning children's book author, she has developed a highly sought-after Children's Book Course, teaching others how to write and publish captivating children's picture books. Many of her students have gone on to publish remarkable books that have also won awards. When not immersed in her many ventures, Nuria enjoys life in London with her husband and family, indulging in her love of books, gardening, good food, and coffee. Her passion for life and learning is evident in all she does, making her an inspiring figure for those embarking on their own self-publishing journey.


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