2024 Your Year of More - Book Review

2024 Your Year of More

Author: Noah William Smith
Genre: Non Fiction - Self Help
Publisher: Independently published
Date Published: October 14, 2023
ISBN-10: N/A

Book Review of :  2024 Your Year of More


Award-winning author Noah William Smith has added another self-help book to his other popular mindfulness books. 2024. Your Year of More is subtitled Plan Your Goals and Invest Your Efforts. Introducing Book One of Part 2 in the A to Z Series - a thoughtfully crafted installment aimed at enhancing your quality of life. Although it's part of the series, this book stands on its own and can be enjoyed independently. No specific order is required when reading the books in this series.

The author writes in the first person and addresses the reader personally throughout the topics, guidelines, and exercises. The author does not claim to be a professional counselor but is self-trained and an ordinary man who shares his personal life experiences, observations, viewpoints, and values for the reader's edification. He shares his life stories and plans as examples of the results of planning efforts. The author asks what the reader wants out of life and then leads the reader to create short and long-term plans and goals. His focus is on the reader making an effort as guidelines, guided exercises, and examples motivate the reader to realize what he is capable of doing. The reader is encouraged to use the book as a workbook or journal and write his responses in the places provided.

"2024. Your Year of More." is a transformative, actionable guide that empowers your mind to align with your heart's desires, leading to positive changes and an improved way of living, resulting in a happier you. His guide will help you take charge of your journey. Yesterday's knowledge alone will not suffice. Imagination is essential for anyone, especially for leaders, who not only have to lead people into the future but also foresee the challenges not yet known that await them.

Smith utilizes his personal life experiences to reinforce his insightful advice. Unlock the key elements to achieving success by delving into this indispensable book. Uncover the extraordinary potential of consistently implementing small actions towards monumental accomplishments.

The book has selected topics to be explored in alphabetical order. Beginning with the letter A, Adaptability, and ending with Z, Zeniths, the reader is led to analyze his own life and to make realistic, measurable, and obtainable goals. The book's format enables the reader to make planning efforts and reach goals in three-month time intervals. The time frame helps determine accountability.  Self-reflection and journaling are encouraged throughout the text.

Readers who value maturity, wisdom, a life of satisfaction, and a feeling of being alive will enjoy this book-  Readers who wish to reflect on their lives and improve the quality of life in the future will be motivated to self-improvement, personal growth, and self-reflection

Reviewed by: Carole W

About Noah William Smith

Hello! I'm Noah William Smith and I hope you're doing well today. I'm thrilled to announce the release of my new book "2024... Your Year of More" which you can find in digital, paperback, and hardcover versions. You can also find it on Kindle Unlimited. Thank you so much for supporting my new release! I look forward to reading your reviews and ratings. Based on editorial and customer reviews, my books are concise and insightful. I'm a 38-year-old South African author who enjoys both the profound truths of life and the daily simple pleasures. Every morning, I start my day with a grateful heart, a massive cup of strong coffee (with enough milk!), an open mind and a learned thick skin. My wife, our pugs, and the sunshine make my life feel blessed and complete. I write for adults of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds who are looking to find ideas and practical ways to improve their quality of life. I understand the pros and cons of intelligence, high sensitivity, introversion, and empathy, as well as the blessings and challenges of being an outlier, underdog, and minority. We all need to adapt and adjust, but the core of who we are remains unchanged over time. Do you agree? As a global thinker, I love connecting with people from all around the world. In my books, I write about goals, clarity of thinking, feeling content, self-reflection, self-help, self-improvement, self-development, and personal growth. Above all, I write about self-motivation! Please note that my books are based on my life experiences and observations and are not intended as advice for anyone. If you require personalized advice, please visit a professional or expert. So why should you read my books? My books are your companions while you reflect on your life and what you can do differently. Whenever you're looking for valuable information, my books can provide that. They can help you determine what's next for you and how to approach it. If you'd like to follow me and stay updated on my new releases and special deals, please follow me on Amazon. As a self-published author, I greatly appreciate your online reviews and ratings of my books. Thank you for your time and happy reading!


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