What's New Inu? - Book Review

What's New Inu?

Author: Nicci Belter
Genre: Children - Nature Books
Publisher: Chickaree Publishing
Date Published: August 13, 2023
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: ‎ 979-898890900

Book Review of :  What's New Inu?


"What's New Inu?" By Nicci Belter – is a captivating, illustrated children's book designed for readers aged four to eight. Nicci Belter also an artist, created or provided all the book's art. Join Inu, an adorable little dog, on a thrilling hike from his home to the enchanting Old Cedar Grove. Along the way, young readers will be delighted by the breathtaking sights along the Old Granite Trail and the natural beauty of the Daisy Meadow. This book is not only a joy to read but also a valuable tool in helping children develop their reading skills and expand their vocabulary. Inu's adventurous journey leads him to a deep creek and a winding zig-zag trail until he finally arrives at the ancient Old Cedar Grove, home to a majestic 400-year-old mother cedar tree. Here, Inu discovers a heartwarming surprise - countless baby trees surrounding the mother tree.

Curiosity piques within Inu as he wonders about all the creatures who have encountered this magnificent ancient tree. As he explores further, he encounters a variety of animals who have also been captivated by the mother cedar tree's beauty. "What's New Inu?" is a tale filled with wonder, discovery, and the power of nature.

This is a book to ignite your child's love for reading. Sharing a book creates a special bonding experience and introduces them to the world of letters and the power of words and sentences. By making reading a fun daily ritual, you'll be laying the foundation for literacy skills that will give your child a head start in school. In the captivating story of "What's New Inu," children will discover a variety of animals that inhabit or visit the Old Cedar Grove, such as a curious fox and its adorable kit longing to drink from the creek. The author, Belter, cleverly tells the story by repeatedly using certain words to help children learn essential reading skills like letter recognition and phonemic awareness, and potentially even reading simple words like creek, tree, mother, father, and more.

By using positive reinforcement while reading "What's New Inu," you can help your child develop a positive association with reading at an early age. Not only that but reading with your child also provides valuable quality time together. This book is perfect for engaging your child by asking questions and encouraging them to interact with the text. For example, you can ask them to show you specific words or point out letters on the page. Additionally, you can have discussions about the story's animals, the age of the trees, and maybe the potential story endings.

Make story time even more magical by incorporating a delightful goodnight theme. This charming book is the perfect companion for snuggling up with your little one before teeth-brushing time. Immerse yourselves in Inu's captivating adventures as he discovers the wonders of the world. With its gentle rhyming and comforting message, this story is sure to calm bedtime anxiety and create a peaceful atmosphere for a good night's sleep. A "must-have" on your child's bookshelf.

Reviewed by: David J.

About Nicci Belter

Originally from Switzerland, Nicci Belter is an author and illustrator currently living in Northern California, where she enjoys hiking and observing wildlife. Before writing children's books, Nicci Belter spent many years working at an elementary school helping kids discover the love of reading. Understanding the importance of getting young readers hooked on reading inspired her to write fun and educational early reader books.

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