The Wacky World of Jet - Book Review

The Wacky World of Jet

Author: Nicci Belter
Genre: Children - K-3rd - General
Publisher: Chickaree Publishing
Date Published: October 28, 2023
ISBN-10: 9798988909033
ISBN-13: n/a

Book Review of :  The Wacky World of Jet


The appealing front cover of Nicci Belter’s children’s book, The Wacky World of Jet and Jotty, What a Beach Day, will entice beginning readers and their parents to invest in this adorable paperback. The author has many years of experience teaching kids in elementary school to read. She has put her expertise into this beginning chapter book for emergent readers grades one through three. The layout of the book is in chapter form, with words familiar to the reader. A few new vocabulary words are presented in context with the story and illustrations.

The beach setting provides opportunities to introduce unusual sea creatures and fun jokes.  Children who may be familiar with the word “wacky” will delight in thinking up synonyms for this word throughout the story.

The plot involves Jet, a rat terrier, and a girl called Jotty. The dog is often shown in a full-color photograph. On other pages the dog, the girl, sea creatures and the background are line illustrations with added color. As the two characters explore the beach, Jet the dog is having mental conversations with Jotty, providing reinforcement of punctuation rules for dialogue. The quirky adventures of Jet and Jotty will keep the child entertained and reinforce reading skills.

If you own a rat terrier, you will definitely love this book. It is a must-have for families who have a cherished one as a member of their household.  Jet the  Rat Terrier will be sure to entertain your child.  His unique personality will keep young readers coming back for more.  With his larger-than-life attitude, he's sure to capture hearts and captivate minds.

Parents and teachers will find that this wacky little book presents many teachable moments through discussions of sea life and the beach, as well as writing skills.  Look for additional early chapter books to be added to this funny but educational series.  

Reviewed by: carole

About Nicci Belter

Originally from Switzerland, Nicci Belter is an author and illustrator currently living in Northern California, where she enjoys hiking and observing wildlife. Before writing children's books, Nicci Belter spent many years working at an elementary school helping kids discover the love of reading. Understanding the importance of getting young readers hooked on reading inspired her to write fun and educational early reader books.

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