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Where Liberty Lies by Nathaniel M. Wrey is the sequel to Liberty Bound and takes readers on a journey through a post-apocalyptic world. It combines elements of dystopia, thrill, and epic fantasy. While Where Liberty Lies can be enjoyed as a standalone novel, it also forms the second installment of the Liberty Trilogy, ensuring readers an unforgettable trilogy experience.

Wrey's masterful storytelling spins a tangled web of deception and explores the depths of human resilience, making Where Liberty Lies a must-read for fans of thrilling dystopian. 

In this narrative, Aminatra, Finbarl, Karlmon, and Bokanda's flee from the doomed land of Athenia. It was once a place inhabited by ancestors of the Ferrals who were literally destroyed by their addiction to the drug Jumblar and then the land was taken over by the evil forces that brought on their downfall. Finbarl's group had now ventured beyond the mountains and into a vibrant yet perilous, world teeming with exotic creatures and unpredictable dangers.

In their flight, the adventurers traverse treacherous landscapes filled with enigmatic creatures and uncharted dangers. Yet, their spirits remain unyielding as they seek out the mythical realm of Mandelaton— a fabled land of enlightenment, knowledge, and freedom. Their quest will test their courage and lead them to unexpected revelations.

In this captivating novel, the spotlight shines on the compelling characters of Finbarl and his wife Aminatra. The unwavering strength and remarkable courage of Aminatra are vividly portrayed, drawing readers deep into her captivating story. Her husband, Finbarl exudes loyalty and a powerful sense of protection, treating young Karlmon as his own and always putting the family's well-being first.

Wrey's novel takes readers to an imaginative land filled with vivid descriptions and an intriguing vocabulary. The use of unique words and phrases, such as forp and fic, adds an element of mystery that can be decoded through the sentence structure. The setting resembles a world reminiscent of the Middle Ages, with horses being the primary mode of transportation. But oddly,  along with swords - guns and bullets exist in this realm also. It is a world plagued by endless battles, wars, addictive drugs, and cruelty. Enslavement and the brutal act of removing tongues are all-too-common occurrences. The inhabitants of this land must adhere to draconian laws, where failing to repay a debt results in becoming the property of the state, subjected to work in their underground chambers until the debt is paid in full.

Engulfed in a treacherous journey out of Athenia, Finbarl, and Aminatra find themselves immersed in harrowing predicaments, challenging their very survival instincts. In their desperate bid to break free from the clutches of the malevolent realm, their strength of character will be pushed to its limits. Their quest will not only test their resolve but also unravel astonishing truths they never saw coming. There is a multitude of captivating events and a diverse cast of characters in Wrey's epic fantasy adventure. It's a novel that will engross readers from the very opening chapter.

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About Nathaniel Wrey


Nathaniel M Wrey studied history at Reading University before becoming a Civil Servant. He has worked in central government for over twenty years, largely in health and nursing. His literary influences include the social commentary of George Orwell, the adventures of John Buchan and the foresight and imagination of Ray Bradbury. Combined with a continued love of history, Wrey delves into the past to speculate on the future, while dissecting human foibles to build characters and story lines.

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