Blood of Fire - Book Review

Blood of Fire

Author: Myrielle Glassman
Genre: Fiction - Fantasy
Publisher: Myrielle Glassman
Date Published: November 2, 2023
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 9798223759553

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Book Review of :  Blood of Fire


Blood of Fire by Myrielle Glassman is the inaugural volume of the Bloodborn Tales series. This true, dark, and gritty saga chronicles the rescue of a mysterious faerie named Tamsen. The story unfolds with the gruesome aftermath of war. Glassman immerses you in the bleak, cavernous cells strewn with corpses and despair—a foretaste of hell for those imprisoned there.

The war has taken its toll on our protagonist, Knight Meara. She is accused of treason for her actions with a leprechaun and is suffering from nightmares and PTSD from the carnage. She is depressed and filled with guilt and has decided to walk away from the killing, but before she can, fate intervenes, binding her to an enchanted Wayfinder ring and an unforeseen mission ordered by Queen Selya — the rescue of the enigmatic faerie, Tamsen.

Meara finds Tamsen, and together, they traverse Glassman's fantastical world, encountering unforgettable characters and creatures like Dwergur, Aughisky, Goblins, and more that linger in the mind long after the final page. Compellingly written, the story delves deeply into the darker side of fairy folklore, taking readers on a journey through mythical delights. Crafted for a general adult audience, it includes scenes of gritty conflict and mature themes.

The bloodshed and horror from both mortal and immortal realms evoke haunting memories and signal an ominous resurgence of an ancient darkness. The characters are ensnared in a web of intrigue and peril as they uncover long-buried secrets and confront formidable adversaries.

Glassman's exquisitely poetic prose captures the fascinating and unique creatures that Meara encounters on her trek. Along the way, Meara forges unforgettable friendships and uncovers secrets that reshape everything she thought she knew about her world. Her journey brims with adventure, from navigating the enchanting forest with its ancient trees and mystical plants to engaging in intense battles where bravery and strategy are tested to their limits.

Though a fictional tale, like many fairy tales, it serves as an essential commentary on our existence. It mirrors human life, reflecting the inherent darkness and evil that humans bring upon themselves. Throughout her narrative, her characters exhibit the same flaws, vices, and tendencies that plague humanity—killing, cruelty, destruction, revenge and the relentless pursuit of power.

Great characters and a very engaging read. If you like fantasy, this book delivers.

Reviewed by: James B

About Myrielle Glassman


Many years a fandom writer, Myrielle Glassman has decided to boldly go where she has not gone before: original fiction. With a degree in Literature, an unhealthy reading addiction and a big imagination, she hopes to entertain as she has been entertained. She also loves hearing from people who have read her work.

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