Gothic Revival - Book Review

Gothic Revival

Author: Michael Mullin
Genre: Fiction - Thriller - General
Publisher: BookBaby
Date Published: March 14, 2023
ISBN-10: 1667886657
ISBN-13: 978-1667886657

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Book Review of :  Gothic Revival


Gothic Revival. by Michael Mullins has it all—a physiological thriller with unforgettable characters and a subplot mystery inspired by the Creation of Frankenstein. The background historical literary event held in Villa Diodati in 1816 inspires screenwriter Eric to recreate the event with his friends for its 200th anniversary.

The suspense-filled novel is told by Eric's inseparable literary college friends who have now grown apart.  Chris and Anne, a married couple, receive a cryptic invitation to spend a long reunion weekend with Eric. Lauren and Fiona also received invitations. Their reactions to the invitation and subsequent reunion disclose each character's psychological differences and needs. The reader experiences each character as a real person who is alive.

Eric flies the group to a remote lakeside villa with its own secrets. Here, Eric reveals his plan: that they each have a part in a new modern version of the creation of Frankenstein. Each of the friends represents one of the original writers in this fun writer's workshop. Eric, the host, proposes that each member will write a ghost story. While reconnecting with each other's lives, the group enjoys hospitality, fun, and laughter while becoming engaged in their writing. The writer's workshop becomes mystifying when clairvoyant Fiona begins seeing and hearing strange ghostly apparitions. The paranormal encounters are spooky and intense rather than "fun" as explained by Eric.

Adding depth to the plot, the mysterious story of murder, a ghost, and a treasure that took place at the villa grabs the attention of the writers. Eric's secrets and lies launch another unexpected subplot. What does he want?

Award-winning author Michael Mullin began his writing career with the twisted retelling of fairy tales. His unique ability to "see" a contemporary story in a classical or well-known story is unique. He conveys the moods, energy, and personal interests of writers when involved in a writers' workshop. Readers, and especially writers, will become engrossed in his plot twists and admire his ability to create believable characters. 

Reviewed by: carole

About Michael Mullin


Michael's author career began with a twisted fairytale retelling about the unknown 8th dwarf which turned into a trilogy of such tales. Over the years he has received book awards and industry recognition for which he's very grateful. He used to write marketing materials for the merch divisions of Disney and other major studios but gave all that up because he was tired of selling people junk that was destined for a landfill. Before he was a writer, he was a preschool teacher and college professor, two positions he found disconcertingly similar. Michael lives in Pasadena, CA with his wonderful wife Dani and their ridiculously cool dog Finn. Their twins, Sophie and Max, are finishing up their college careers. He couldn't be more proud and amazed. Even though he's been in California since 1996, all of Michael's pro sports allegiances remain in his native New England.

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