A Place to Run Free - Book Review

A Place to Run Free

Author: Michael LaReaux
Genre: Young Adult - Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Publisher: Wakefield Press
Date Published: July 2, 2022
ISBN-10: 1925856526
ISBN-13: 978-1925856521

Book Review of :  A Place to Run Free


Michael Lareaux's novel A Place To Run Free takes readers on a thrilling journey that delves deep into what may await us when we eventually move beyond our material world. A Place to Run Free is a story about afterlife for man and beast. After a tragic accident, the protagonist, Jake Phillips, comes to find himself in an otherworldly place. It is a fantastical place that defies all logic - one where animals can talk to people.

Upon arriving in this strange place, he soon discovers it is not what it seems. His first excursion into the unknown leads him to a formidable dog named Ursus, who informs him that all humans are Givers - and reveals that there are sinister forces at play, like the Junk Men, hell-bent on harming innocent cats, dogs, and other pets. These Malbinocks: creatures are so depraved they torture animals without remorse. Determined to protect those weaker than himself, our protagonist courageously steps forward for justice, drawing strength from within as danger lurks around him.

As Jake ventures into this unfamiliar land, he soon embarks on a quest to find his beloved canine companion, Sebastian. Despite the fact that he had been taken away prior to Jake's accident, there were still fond strong memories of him in Jake's heart - and an underlying curiosity about what kind of recollections would be held by Sebastian if they were reunited. He also wondered how Sebastian would look because when his dad took him to the vet that last time, he could hardly walk.

Jake's brave rescue of Samuel the cat from the evil Malbinocks earns him the cat's gratitude and a promise to repay him in the future. When the Malbinocks attack Jake, will Samuel be there to help save him? Will Sebastian be there? Another dog named Gordon also befriends Jake and becomes a great influence. Despite his small size, this canine friend inspires Jake to be brave.

A Place To Run Free is a powerful reminder of the emotional connection between humans and animals. Regardless of how well you know them, it will inspire deep compassion that can change how we view our furry friends forever. It will open your eyes to new perspectives when you look into their souls, encouraging us all to be more compassionate stewards of this planet we share. With love for our pets and other wild creatures comes an undeniable responsibility that can make this world a better place if acted upon with understanding hearts. So if you're an animal lover at heart, this literary masterpiece won't disappoint. 

Reviewed by: James B.

About Michael LaReaux

When he was a boy growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Michael LaReaux vowed to write a novel. It took forty years to make that vow into a reality. Along the way he served in the Marine Corps, helped set up the first CDMA cell network in the Bay Area, earned a college degree, became a husband and a proud stepfather, and settled three thousand miles away in the snowy woods of Northern Maine, where he now lives with his wife, two dogs, and one very destructive cat.


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