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    Chameleons An Untold World War II Story by Marcus A. Nannini is an absolutely fascinating examination of the mystery of what happened to the 2 man crew of the deadly Japanese midget submarine, the I-16-tou that participated in the Pearl Harbor attack.  The midget submarine I-16-tou had two 1000 pound torpedos that were fired at the battleships West Virginia and the Oklahoma.  Author Nannini painstaking recreates the events surrounding these deadly attacks by this midget sub.  The story is based on real events that have perplexed historians and World War II buffs for decades. The book delves into the mystery of what happened to the crew of midget Sub I-16-tou. The crew of the Japanese sub consisted of only two men, Lieutenant, junior grade, Masaharu Yokoyama and his able engineer, Sadamu Kamita.

    The unraveling of the mystery starts when a body is found during the excavation for a swimming pool.  It’s quickly determined that the body recovered is most likely that of a Japanese soldier that has been interred there probably since World War II. The investigation is turned over to Lt. Cmdr. Christopher Pastwa and Lt. Karen Yamurwho who have been tasked to investigate the discovery of the body.  What they start to believe from the evidence they collect is that Masaharu Yokoyama may in fact still be alive and living somewhere on the island.  Could this be true?

    Nannini chronicle of events and the description of, Masaharu Yokoyama’s life gives evidence of a  deeply and broadly researched effort in the writing of his book. Nannini gives us both the daily textures of Yokoyama's life and the arcing currents of his time, not only is it a story about his participation in the Pearl Harbor attack, but also about the culture from which that day of infamy sprung.

    The book contains a wealth of anecdotes and amusing notes that simply make it a wonderfully written book about one of the darkest days in American history
    Nannini writes of American born Japanese living in Hawaii who were sympathetic to the Japanese aggressors and who were willing to give them aid. He writes of the internment camps the army quickly created to house virtually all Hawaiian residents of Japanese heritage. The attack eroded the trust between Japanese Americans and non-Japanese Americans.  

    Nannini recreates a minute by minute account of Masaharu Yokoyama's involvement in the Pearl Harbor attack. Written from the perspective of an enemy soldier the book sheds a new light on an event that ushered in a war that would take over 400 thousand American lives.

    The book, published by Black Rose Writing, contains numerous pictures of the midget subs, maps of Pearl Harbor,  and of Lieutenant, junior grade, Masaharu Yokoyama. In short, “Chameleons An Untold World War II Story” by Marcus A. Nannini, is one of the finest books written about the attack on Pearl Harbor that I have ever read.

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Fans of historical fiction or thrilling mysteries will surely be captivated by Chameleons from its very first page. -- Lisa Edelman, Indie Reader

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