Contrarian - Book Review


Author: Lucas Sterling
Genre: Fiction - Thriller - Terrorist
Publisher: Nurrebbul Productions
Date Published: October 25, 2022
ISBN-10: 978-0-9993387-3

Book Review of :  Contrarian


Contrarianby Lucas Sterling, is an unusual suspense/thriller. The first chapter introduces the main character, Lars, a paid assassin. The conundrum of the hero/protagonist being a hitman for hire by an unknown entity is further complicated because tough-man Lars donates all of his fees to an animal shelter.

The plot rapidly uncovers an international scheme to cause cataclysmic events that would potentially change the world, starting with the financial downfall of the United States. Are these incidents the results of terrorists or malfunctions due to industrial malfunction? As seemingly unrelated and mysterious happenings occur throughout the country to disrupt society and cause havoc, Lars and his partner, Frederic, are sent to search out the perpetrator and mastermind behind the attacks. Citizens are unaware of the potential long-term dangers and react accordingly. This mixed point of view intensifies the drama.

 A large dam is breached, causing massive flooding and loss of homes and lives. An electrical plant has an unexplained fire leaving thousands without power. A nuclear power station is shut down. Warnings of radio-active contamination warn the public. A water filtrations plant is contaminated. Lars and Frederic have been hired to get to the bottom of these tragedies, working undercover without involving the local authorities. They follow leads and are able to exterminate some known criminals and shut down safe houses, but the illusive kingpin has remained hidden. They discover an interconnectedness of the civil destruction that eventually leads to an optimal outcome but they are thwarted at every endeavor to locate the operation's boss.

Lars, the assassin with many murders to his credit, has a flip side to his personality. He is involved in a loving relationship with a young lady, where he is romantic, kind, and considerate. But when she is kidnapped, and her life is threatened, he reverts to his tough militaristic nature to rescue her.

The author's depiction of the relationships between individuals as they deal with profoundly terrifying situations is remarkable. He understands the psychology of personality attributes and develops individual characters giving the story multiple points of view.

It felt like a "train running through his stomach…soft growls…that told him he wasn't just upset; he was scared." "His kind would rather die from a hail of bullets than be captured." "Waves of rage…threatened to bubble out from his chest into his mouth." 

Readers who enjoy staying up all night, reading with the lights on to witness Contrarian's conclusion, will agree with Lars's revelation that "It is often the most ignored, smallest things that matter most in the end." 

Reviewed by: carole

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