Running with Grace - Book Review

Running with Grace

Author: Lori Van Dusen
Genre: Non Fiction - Memoir
Publisher: Bublish, Inc.
Date Published: September 1, 2023
ISBN-10: 1647047358
ISBN-13: 978-1647047351

Book Review of :  Running with Grace


Author Lori Van Dusen, who holds a CIMA certification, is a fantastic woman whose memoir, “Running with Grace,” is an inspiration for anyone. Lori began life as a weak twin in a fatherless family living in an Italian middle-class neighborhood. Her mom and grandparents were instrumental in developing her strong character, determination, spirit, and morals.

Rarely does a reader find a memoir with such emotional power. Lori correlates her passion for running marathons and the requisite training and mental preparation with her determination to be the best person she can be in her life and chosen career. Regardless of whether the reader has an intimate or limited knowledge of the financial world of banking and investments, this book will educate and encourage investigative insight into the pitfalls of high-profile lifestyles.

Despite personal and physical challenges and career setbacks, Lori's impressive career as an investment advisor is amazing. She is presently one of the nation's top independent financial advisors. She credits her rise from the middle class to the top of a "man’s world” to her grandfather, who, with only an eighth-grade education, imparted much wisdom. He taught her that the “only limitations in life are those we impose on ourselves.” Her family supported her through her trials and successes. Her client-first philosophy collided with the establishments' mantra of bigger profits.

The author relates her fervor for running daily, the physical training, and mental preparation to her approach to meeting her career goals. As a runner, she often trained in spite of physical illness and pain. As an investment advisor, she often went against the establishment. She concentrated on the individual Clients, wealthy families, and nonprofits she worked with to help them make the best possible financial decisions. At this time, the other firms were concentrating on selling products for investment to their clients without getting to know the individuals or situations personally. Through her insistence based on her moral beliefs, she established her own business as an independent advisor. Eventually,  she was even able to change the thinking of big business.

Lori continues to serve as an investment advisor to wealthy families and nonprofits nationwide. She is involved in philanthropy and serves on multiple boards. She has been recognized in Forbes and other prestigious lists of people who have made a difference. Her story is an encouragement, especially to women who struggle with acceptance in their chosen careers. Lori never stopped running after her goals. The reader will be inspired never to give up. The finish line/goal is within reach.

Reviewed by: Carole W.

About Lori Van Dusen


Lori Van Dusen, CIMA, is the Founder and CEO of LVW Advisors, a leading investment advisory firm serving wealthy families, individuals, and nonprofits nationwide. With over 25 years of experience, she prioritizes client-focused strategies, providing unbiased, integrated solutions. Lori is actively involved in philanthropy, serving on multiple boards focused on education, health, and the arts. Her impressive career achievements include being ranked in Forbes' and Barron's prestigious lists. A devoted Rochester community member, Lori engages in various community organizations and enjoys long-distance running, yoga, and hosting Italian meals for family and friends.

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