The Last Spiritwalker - Book Review

The Last Spiritwalker

Author: Liv Strom
Genre: Fiction - Fantasy
Publisher: Independently published
Date Published: December 1, 2022

Book Review of :  The Last Spiritwalker


Liv Strom's The Last Spiritwalker chronicles an epic journey of one young woman, Evelyn, and her six-year-old daughter, Alice, as they flee from a life marred by abuse. In this captivating dark fantasy, the pair take readers on a thrilling ride through what one might envision as a parallel universe where magic awaits. It's a gripping story that chronicles their miraculous escape from abuse and Evelyn's eventual entanglement with enchanting magic, creating a life-changing experience.

In her quest for freedom, she trades in the workaday world for an apprenticeship to Kumu, a spiritwalker who leads her through breathtaking lands on an epic journey. With lyrical prose and heart-pounding tension from start to finish, Strom captures all senses as she propels readers across continents - from New York City straight into adventure!

When Evelyn stumbles across an exciting covenant of extraordinary individuals who wielded magical powers, her life is thrown into a tailspin. This unexpected turn of events would sweep her away on an adventure to a world beyond anything she could have ever envisioned in her imagination. A realm far beyond her wildest dreams. With this fellowship of magical people, she leaves behind the abuse and constraints of her husband, Connor, but that issue is soon replaced with a new crisis in this mystifying new realm she has entered.

The novel is set in a bleak and broken world, with abuse at its core. But there is a method to the darkness; everything serves an important purpose for the story's progression. This narrative simply couldn't be told effectively unless it retained its heavier tone.

Strom's novel weaves mysticism with human-driven conflict to captivate readers in a world full of wonder and enchantment. Its fantastical elements and spiritual influences create a captivating character drama that should resonate with its readers.

It was interesting that the well-designed book cover of Strom's novel set the tone for what was to come. Its menacing and dark design also spoke volumes about a troubling issue that unfortunately persists in our society: spousal abuse. Strom sheds light on this issue by illustrating how love can quickly become mistreatment - oftentimes with one party relishing it or using excuses to repeat their behavior.

The Last Spiritwalker is a  journey of tumultuous emotion that weaves a tale of ever-changing sentiment as the protagonist navigates exquisite highs and dismal lows. The journey concludes with an electrifying new beginning - it is a captivating sojourn through all that life has to offer.

Reviewed by: James B

About Liv Strom

Liv Strom is a Swiss-Swedish writer of stories often featuring the impossible, strong women, mythology and, according to some, humour. When not writing she reorganises things and companies, drinks copious amounts of tea, and reads (almost) anything she can get her hands on.

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