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The Road to Nowhere

Author: LaRae L Ivy
Genre: Children - Fantasy & Magic
Date Published: July 31, 2023
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 9798987340905

Book Review of :  The Road to Nowhere


 The Road to Nowhere, by La Rae Ivy, is an intriguing coming-of-age fantasy set in a magical country called Khwarree. Kasper, the younger son of the reigning monarchs, possesses a unique and remarkable gift to discern magic. This sets him apart from his older brother and marks him as a significant presence in the realm. Eight-year-old Kasper has trained himself by experimenting with the magic around him despite being warned by Tobias, the Master Talmid, to keep the knowledge of his ability from all others.

Tobias tells Kasper that magic belongs to those who believe and that it is different for everyone. Throughout the story, different characters are introduced who have specialized forms of magic and can work together to make the magic more potent. Citizens and members of the court who can use magic are called Magi. Initially, they use their abilities to enhance the lives of others. However, Dark Magic is introduced for financial gain. The king’s council is brainwashing the king to declare magic dangerous, and non-Magi are being required to purchase an expensive license. If caught without a license, performing magic, the person could be jailed.

Tobias recognizes that the factions wanting to outlaw magic and the Magi, whose livelihoods depended on it, are heading for a clash. He becomes aware of the dangers of the kingdom becoming divided and implements many tactics to help the Magi as well as protect young Kasper. War is brewing.

The parents of a young girl, Rayne, are arrested for violating the tax and disappear. Tobias knows that she has magical powers, takes her into the palace, and places her in the care of the Housekeeper, with Kasper as her only friend. Mortimer, an orphan boy with undeveloped magical powers, is driven into the streets until Tobias takes him under his wing. The world of Kasper, Rayne, and Mortimer is challenged throughout the next several years as the youths mature physically and their ability to control magic evolves.

Tobias discovers that his nemesis, Barbaros, and his henchmen are trying to oust the king, manipulate the crown prince, and take control of all the magic. Tobias and other Magi band together to form a hidden community where they can organize to fight the evil Barbaros.

Throughout the story of growing up and magic, the author drops bits of wisdom for the reader. Advice is given to an arrogant Magi who would not let someone help him. He’s told that everyone has limitations and that by working together, they are stronger.

Step into Ivy’s alternate universes in"The Road to Nowhere." Its expertly written pages immerse you in the characters' experiences of loss, death, pain, loneliness, and violence, while also showcasing their moments of friendship, love, adventure, and triumph.  The experiences and adversities Ivy weaves into the story help equip her readers with invaluable knowledge to confront adversity and tackle real life's struggles head-on. 

Reviewed by: CAROLE

About LaRae L Ivy


LaRae grew up in West Texas and has been an avid reader her entire life. She earned a BA in History and a MA in Museum Science. Her professional career has given her a myriad of experiences including working at the National Air and Space Museum where she met Neil Armstrong, sitting behind the wheel of historic race cars, and sitting down to a steak dinner with the President of the United States. Outside of her professional life, LaRae has been a member of the world's largest service organization since 2012. She has served with the Lions Club to meet needs in her community and all across Texas. Her heart of services has also given her a global vision leading to three trips to Africa, twice to Uganda and once to Kenya, where she assisted with medical missions and worked in schools in both countries. Such a wide array of experiences has given LaRae the ability to see the world from a unique perspective and an overactive imagination. From sitting at the table of King's to helping a child see, LaRae has an overabundance of stories to tell. Her heart of service has driven her to use those stories to connect with those around her and encourage them to be the best version of themselves possible.


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