My Personal History of Philosophy to it's External Things - Book Review

My Personal History of Philosophy to it's External Things

Author: Kenneth Guimond
Genre: Non Fiction - Religion/Phil.
Publisher: Ken Guimond
Date Published: June 29, 2023
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 9798852707758

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Book Review of :  My Personal History of Philosophy to it's External Things


"My Personal History of Philosophy to its External Things" is a captivating memoir by Kenneth Guimond. It follows the journey of this Native American author as he dives into the depths of numerology and his experience of a profound spiritual awakening. Through honest and emotional storytelling, Guimond unveils a life marred by sadness, poverty, and confusion, intricately intertwined with the fascinating world of numerology. Discover the transformative power of unexpected spiritual awakenings, especially during difficult times. Learn how cultivating a positive mindset is crucial in an enlightening journey. He provides compelling examples of the power and messaging of various numbers and combinations of numbers.

Numbers hold significant meaning in various aspects of our lives, serving as guidance, warnings, and tools for decision-making. In his memoir, one number, in particular, stands out - "23". Often referred to as an angel number, it symbolizes a message of comfort, hope, and the importance of maintaining a positive mindset. This number serves as a reminder for us to stay connected and anchored in positivity. Guimond quotes, "If 23 was a person, she would be the clever offspring of diplomatic number 2 and creative number 3."

Another number spoken of often in his narrative is "27." This number is considered an angel number, but as Guimond clarifies, it can also appear in some of the most trying times. He speaks of the strong connection this number had in his life. It was the day of his Grandchild's death; he received his business license on the 27th,  Guimond was born on the 27th, and he also considers "27" a haunted number.

In Guimond's memoir, he skillfully integrates his challenging life experiences with his discussions on numerology. One notable incident involved his close friend Able, who graciously gifted him with an older septic truck that required extensive repairs. Despite the obstacles, Guimond swiftly restored the vehicle to working condition and gained approval from the Reservation Chief to serve all the septic tanks on the reservation. Additionally, Guimond candidly shares the difficult times he faced with his son's anger issues, which, in one instance, culminated in a physical altercation with his girlfriend on his birthday. There was a time when Guimond found himself in a dire situation, living in his vehicle without enough money for food or gas. He also opens up about the profound devastation he experienced following the tragic death of his grandson.

This is a captivating and heartfelt telling of Guimond's life journey, navigating the complexities of life on a reservation with unwavering honesty. This compelling tale sheds light on the power of human connections, the triumph over adversity, and the guidance numerology can provide in making life's choices. Discover the transformative force of understanding numerology as a compass for a purposeful life. This is definitely a book to share. 

Reviewed by: JAMES B.

About Kenneth Guimond


I am 61 years old, born June 27-1962. Address: Fort Alexander, MB R0E 0P0, Canada Box 39, Tipi Road 227. I worked 35 years with septic tank service pump-outs. I own a septic truck with a 1600-gallon tank, Year is 2006 INTERNATIONAL 4200 Tanker 6 CYL WHITE. Need to find work because DPW bought two trucks in the year 2012 after I removed four hundred loads of waste from the townsite due to a 4-day nonstop rainfall

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