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The Opera

Author: Kateland Leveillee
Genre: Poetry/Music
Date Published: February 17, 2014
ISBN-10: 1482527758
ISBN-13: 978-1-482527759

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Book Review of :  The Opera

the-opera.jpg The Opera by Kateland Leveille is poetry, this book will definitely have you leaving your comfort zone. The poems are meant to be read like a novel. One day, one man coming and going in and out of sanity. What is sanity, what is insanity? As you read you will seek to understand what he has been through and how life has "effected" him. The man, a poet has had tragedy and dysfunction in his life. You know in several of the poems that he realizes this. You must read this book of poetry from beginning to end several times. On each read, stop after each poem and ponder. Leveillee definitely makes it necessary for the reader to hash and rehash what she is trying to convey. Lovers of poetry will find this book creative, each poem a chapter, culminating into a work that reads like prose. Take the time--Leveillee won't disappoint.

About Kateland Leveillee

leveillee-kateland.jpg Leveillee grew up on the move.  Her parents, constant travelers, brought her up across six continents (Leveillee still vows to make it to Antarctica one day) and within the walls of no less than fourteen houses.  Always an interested and precocious child, this exposure to so many cultures led the young Leveillee to crave more knowledge and understanding of the world around her.  Her travels and interactions left her rootless, so she became grounded in the study of human nature and began recording human behavior through art: poetry, painting, essays, and stories.  In her spare time, when not dwelling on the bleak outcome of society and our species as a whole, Leveillee enjoys ice cold Coca-Cola Classic, campaigns tirelessly to save the poppy seed bagel from extinction, and test drives cars she has


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