Helen's Special Gift - Book Review

Helen's Special Gift

Author: Jules Bloom
Genre: Christian - Fiction
Publisher: Tri-Production Publishing, Inc
Date Published: August 1, 2023
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 9798988367901

Book Review of :  Helen's Special Gift


Helen's Special Gift by Jules Bloom is the seventh in a series of her Neighborhood series books. This one talks about the trauma children experience when they lose all their earthly possessions. This story is a perfect example for young children to grasp the significance of Galatians 6:2 ESV, which teaches them to help each other and live according to Christ's teachings.

In Bloom's story, we meet Helen Chen, a talented young girl who just nailed a school play and was filled with joy and excitement over its success. However, on their way back home from the play, they come across a scene of smoke and fire trucks, and they are stunned to find that it's their own house engulfed in flames. As they reach the site, they witness their home completely reduced to ashes.

In a matter of moments, they come to the heartbreaking realization that not only have they lost their house but also all their belongings that were inside. While some things can be replaced, there are precious gifts from loved ones, like grandparents, that can never be replaced.

After the fire, Helen and her family receive support from their neighbors and friends, who offer them temporary shelter. Their church also raises a significant sum of money to help them purchase necessary clothing and other items. However, despite these acts of kindness, Helen still feels a deep sadness and anger for the loss of irreplaceable gifts, mementos, and photographs. This loss has caused her to question her faith and search for answers as to why God allowed this to happen to them.

When the fire ravaged their home, their world was turned upside down. But amidst the chaos, something profound happens. Bloom delves into Helen Chen and her parents' emotional journey, uncovering how such a calamity helped them find what truly makes a home and brings them closer to God.

Bloom's book, "Helen's Special Gift," is a touching children's book designed to help young readers navigate through grief and traumatic experiences. It features beautiful illustrations by Juliet Rose that perfectly capture the essence of the author's words. Despite the serious subject matter, Bloom's approach makes it easily understandable for children. This heartwarming story is all about resilience and healing. Above all, it is a book that highlights faith, truth, courage, empathy, and respect for children who are faced with the challenge of living with loss.

Reviewed by: Dave J

About Jules Bloom


Jewel Williams, aka Jules Bloom, is a wife, mother, author, coach, mentor, and pastor who loves to write. The children's series were created for her children when they were little girls. Now Jewel is making them available to the world. These books share biblical principles to help our children learn about virtual behavior.


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