The Street Rod Mystery - Book Review

The Street Rod Mystery

Author: Judy Iverson
Genre: Fiction - Mystery - General
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-10: 1508436541
ISBN-13: 9781508436546

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Book Review of :  The Street Rod Mystery

the-street-rod-mystery.jpg The Street Rod Mystery by Judy Iverson takes place at a Classic Car show - Back to the Fifites - at the State Fair Grounds. There are thousands of cars and entrants and spectators. Among those is a killer - lurking and searching for the next victim to fall prey to murder. A teenage girl comes up missing and everyone begins the search for her - strangers and family alike. The police conduct a massive search and turn nothing up - no leads, no girl. The abduction has the entire team of police and her family blown away--she was there and now she is not. What could have happened to her? The Street Rod Mystery weaves you through the search for this young lady and then takes you back 30 years to a young boy and his first car. He had purchased a 1959 Buick Electrac 225 convertible. What a car!!!! As you make your way through The Street Rod Mystery you will see a fantasy unfold - spanning 30 years. The killer's fantasy is of the twisted nature--decades old fantasy, but definitely twisted. The Street Rod Mystery will keep you reading - an easy read and enjoyably written book. If you enjoy mystery - you will enjoy this one. Thumbs up - Good Read!!!

About Judy Iverson


I'm a retired accountant who has lived most of my life as a frustrated writer. At this state of my life, I finally have the time to do what I want to do instead of what I have to do in order to pay the bills. I was the editor of a monthly newsletter for ten years when I worked for a non-profit agency which provided the opportunity to develop my skills as a writer. 

I live on a small lake in northern Wisconsin with my husband, two dogs, and a rather rotund cat. I try to write something every day and find it has helped keep my mind from turning to mush.

Judy L. Iverson, unfortunately, passed away of Lung cancer March 30, 2017. She wrote 8 books. And she was a lover of animals.

Her loving husband



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