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Author: J. Barrett
Genre: Fiction - Fantasy
Publisher: Anthem in Art
Date Published: December 19, 2023
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 979-8988889144

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Book Review of :  Blaise


"Blaise," authored by the award-winning Jenna Barrett, is the third installment in The Keepers of Imbria series. The narrative kicks off with a thrilling battle against a demonic Fomori beast, swiftly vanquished by severing a limb and decapitation. Set in the fantastical realm of Imbria, Barrett's world features diverse lands like Samira, Veruca, Kymir, the Waste Lands, Lehar, and Tahitia. Populated by sea-dwelling Sirens, and other strange creatures plus human-like characters who ride eagles and horses; Imbria sets the stage for the captivating saga. Chapter One brims with excitement as it unveils a compelling cast of characters embarking on adventures. Meet Blaise, the fiery protagonist capable of burning foes in fits of anger, and Kaeleb, his valiant companion. Enter Chaote, their formidable nemesis believed to be conquerable only with the aid of a potent magical amulet.

The unwitting activation of an ancient malevolence is sparked by Orabelle, the formidable Water Keeper and ruler of Lehar. This event sets off a power struggle that will thrust Imbria into a war, turning friends into foes, shattering families, and unleashing fierce battles.

The character Damian is central to a crucial scene in the story. Captive of Chaote, he experiences a peculiar and somewhat benevolent treatment from her - summoned as a dinner guest, only to be later returned to the dark, cold cell that has become his abode. The question arises: why does Chaote treat him in this manner? Damian emerges as a significant figure in the unfolding narrative.

Blaise and Kaeleb never placed faith in the prophecy of the Solvrei. There was a time when Kaeleb was thought to be the Solvrei, but both he and Blaise had dismissed such beliefs as mere ancient legends. However, their perspectives on this prophecy have since evolved. Blaise now stands as the Keeper of Fire on the cusp of a new era. It is an era where the dominance of the Keepers of Imbria, once unmatched, has faded into a mist of obscurity.

A mysterious young girl named Eolande claims she can hear the voices of deceased keepers. Is she genuinely gifted, or is she simply touched? Whatever she is, she becomes a crucial thread in the narrative and must be shielded from those coveting her abilities. Barrett keeps the story alive with continuous action and surprises until the final page.

An epic narrative unravels through intricate plots and surprising turns. Characters and events come to life, offering readers a cinematic journey. The author's words skillfully paint each scene, making it enthralling to imagine. For enthusiasts of fantastical tales, this story is sure to enchant you.

Reviewed by: David

About J. Barrett


Jenna Barrett is an award-winning author who writes fantasy novels and is currently at work on the Keepers of Imbria series following the release of her debut novel, Orabelle. She weaves complex emotional dichotomies and breathes life into strong female heroines and villains that you love to hate. Jenna currently resides in Texas with her three-legged dog, Artemis, and is a freelance photographer and avid adventurer who enjoys rock climbing and mountaineering.

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