New Beginnings - Book Review

New Beginnings

Author: Helen C Kelly
Genre: Fiction - Drama
Publisher: Helen Kelly Books
Date Published: June 12, 2023
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 9781739607425

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Book Review of :  New Beginnings


 New Beginnings, an e-book in the Greengrove Series by Helen C. Kelly, is the very personal story of a young woman whose life becomes unmanageable.  Told in first person by Jane, she begins her narrative with an event that introduces her family and the love that they have for her and each other. Jane is in denial that her toxic relationship with Peter, her fiancé, is destroying her confidence and sense of self-worth.

The narrative explores Peter's betrayal and Jane's long and painful recovery. As she deals with "destroyed love life inevitably becomes gossip." She slowly recognizes Peter's controlling, stifling behavior that had taken over her opinions and conned her into doing his will to the detriment of her own personal interests and lifestyle.

Jane's close relationship with her extended family enables her to cope with the stress and turmoil in her life as she struggles to transform her home and herself after the traumatic breakup. She states that you "never have to repay family" for the love and support the family members provide during hard times. Her emotional life begins to heal as she returns to her love of singing and music.

Romance reenters Jane's life with the introduction of David.  He enters the story in his own voice as he experiences his first reactions to seeing Jane and then as their friendship develops into something more. David has also experienced a traumatic relationship and has an ex-wife who causes strange happenings. Meanwhile, as their relationship begins to flower, Jane is confronted with the mystery of a single yellow rose on her doorstep with no note. Mysterious erratic stalking behavior causes Jane to be emotionally vulnerable when she receives traumatic, shocking news about a family member.

Shock causes Jane to become frozen emotionally. She responds like a robot until David and family members come to her rescue. David's personality and perspective are in direct opposition to Peter's. The dual perspective from both Jane's and David's viewpoint prepares the reader to accept David as a love interest for Jane and not another "charmer" with ulterior motives.

This charming self-discovery, romance, and relationships novel is a quick and satisfying read. The personal development of Jane's character and her resilience are a powerful encouragement to readers who may be experiencing the disorientation of a toxic relationship.

The English setting and dialect add endearing, smashing details to the tale.

Kelly's remarkable book Immerses you in the captivating world of love and redemption. Whether it's tales of second chances, the path to healing after heartbreak, or the magic of newfound love, New Beginnings will touch your soul and leave a lasting impression. Hopefully, New Beginnings will lead to additional books in the Greenglove series. 

Reviewed by: carole

About Helen C Kelly


Helen was born in Ashton Under Lyne but has lived in various parts of the country growing up. She is now settled in North Yorkshire and has no intentions of moving for the mother of two grown-up girls, whom she is extremely proud of. History and research have always been something she has loved, and she has three master's degrees in History, which she did later in life. She has always wanted to write, but due to being diagnosed as being dyslexic later in life, she always thought it was something she couldn't do, but she is proving herself wrong. Helen loves visiting many different places in the United Kingdom, especially if they have canals or waterfalls, and these are places that normally find a role within her books.

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