Sir Thomas of Creekside - Book Review

Sir Thomas of Creekside

Author: G.L. Garrett
Genre: Fiction - Fantasy
Publisher: G.L. Garrett Books
Date Published: September 3, 2022
ISBN-13: 979-8-9866980-1-4

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Book Review of :  Sir Thomas of Creekside


G.L. Garrett's book, Sir Thomas of Creekside, offers a fantastical journey that captivates readers with its thrilling combination of fantasy and thought-provoking moral lessons. With masterful writing tailored to middle school students and older, this book leaves an impression beyond the last page turn! 

Written from the viewpoint of a seven-year-old boy, readers will find themselves immediately connecting to their younger selves. Using age-appropriate language and phrases, and a few terms that might be considered word skill-builders, young minds can take an exciting journey through this tale while learning something new along the way.

Young Thomas Bristol reacts to a confrontation with his mom. His beloved father has passed away, and now he is threatened with losing his best friend. He and his teddy bear run away into the Creekside Woods. Readers will relate to having a favorite toy that they have given the powers of life. Ted E. Bear and Thomas share a unique relationship in this imaginative fantasy of monsters, dragons, and knights in shining armor.  they communicate and relate with other speaking animals who help them in their quest to find a refuge.

Creekside Woods holds many dangers and secrets. Thomas and Teddy are faced with an unseen but frightening monster called “The Screech.” As they search for safety, they have other terrifying adventures that challenge their skills as knights. Thomas's bravery and intelligence are skillfully offset by Teddy's lack of courage and fears. The psychological interplay is subtle but will allow the reader to see the underlying theme: Thomas needs to return home and make amends with his mother.

Forest creatures, a pompous frog, an ingenious raccoon, and others have distinct personalities and skills. The animal friends enable Thomas and Teddy to survive the wilderness and to be brave enough to face the Screech. In addition, the animals could be considered symbolic of Thomas's emotions and help him deal with his feelings of abandonment.

A secondary plot follows Detective Claire Spillen as she tirelessly searches for the young run-a-way boy. She doesn't believe in dragons but discovers the threat of a real monster. She is desperate to find Thomas before it is too late. This subplot reminds the young reader of "stranger danger" in a satisfactory way. The reader will welcome the satisfying conclusion to this well-written tale.

Boys may not admit to having had a special teddy bear but may have had a special toy truck or dinosaur. Girls who played with dolls will relate as well as any child growing up with pets. Sir Thomas of Creekside is a well-thought-out story of loss and grieving.

Teachers, parents, and others might consider using this book when counseling grieving children. Sir Thomas of Creekside could be an invaluable resource for providing comfort and support for children in grief. From beloved teddy bears to treasured toy trucks or dinosaurs, no child should feel alone - this story of loss will resonate with all young people who have had a special bond with animals or toys. It's thoughtfully crafted as well as deeply compassionate towards its readers' emotional journeys. 

Reviewed by: Carole W

About G.L. Garrett

At the age of five, G. L. Garrett asked Santa for a typewriter. It was at that moment he knew he wanted to be an author. In the second grade, after mercilessly clacking away at the typewriter keys, he had his first story published in a local newspaper in Upstate New York. After a lengthy hiatus lasting several decades, G. L. Garrett took to writing again, giving way to a much quieter laptop.

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