March & Feather - Book Review

March & Feather

Author: Emma Saska
Genre: Young Adult - Coming of Age
Publisher: Little Oaks Independent Publishing
Date Published: February 14, 2023
ISBN-10: 173917061X
ISBN-13: 978-1739170615

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Book Review of :  March & Feather


"March & Feather," penned by Emma Saska, explores themes of coming-of-age, teenage drama, and a budding romance. The narrative centers on Audra Dunne, a high school student who attends Stony Point Homeschool Academy. The crux of the tale lies in the events that come about when Audra's anonymous online friend, March, relocates to her hometown of Richmond, Virginia, and enrolls in a homeschool co-op. Audra grapples with the typical teen problems of friendship, family, and self-discovery, but now a new issue confronts her: did her anonymous friend become a student at Stony Point Homeschool Academy, or did he enroll at the Hickory Homeschool Co-Op? Will their anonymity survive, now that he lives so close? If it doesn't, will their deep bond endure the transition from virtual to real-life interaction?

 Audra knows very little about her anonymous friend, March. She believes he's probably a high school senior or junior with a couple of siblings. Will March, as he goes by online, match her adolescent imagined version of what he is like in the flesh? They have texted a lot, but their conversations revolve around school and friends. March knows Audra as Feather. When March moves to Audra's town of Richmond, Virginia, she becomes fixated on uncovering his true identity. To facilitate her desire to know who "March" is, Audra enlists the help of friends as she delves into her quest to unveil his identity. Some of her friends become teenage sleuths searching for clues about who March is. One clue that Audra feels is important is music from Fleetwood Mac.

 As you read "March & Feather," – you will discover much about co-op homeschooling. The large degree of knowledge displayed by the author regarding co-op's homeschools gave me the impression that Saska had probably attended one or had children in one. She writes in the novel about the trips that the fictional co-op sponsors, places like Williamsburg – even naming restaurants at the historical park. Audra's co-op offered specialized classes, such as math or science, and extracurricular activities like drama, vocal ensemble, and sports teams in a campus setting. The addition of social interaction in the co-op made it very appealing to homeschoolers.

 Audra begins receiving chats from March about a girl he finds unkind at the co-op he attends. She ponders who this person might be. If she could figure out who he is talking about. It would be a significant clue in discovering March's identity. The story is abundant with teenage chatter. If you have adolescents, the natural banter will authentically mirror their real-life dialogues.

The problem with her story is the many mentions of food – you'll find yourself heading to the kitchen for a snack after each chapter. The tale is a sweet story about an adolescent girl and her anonymous online friend who become much more. Saska uses humor and her insight into both the male and female psyches to bring to light this delightful tale.  I highly suggest this book for young adult fans looking for a moving and captivating journey into personal development and relationships.

Reviewed by: Paula C.

About Emma Saska


Emma Saska is a graduate of Asbury University with a degree in creative writing and history. She spends her days working for a children's publisher and her nights devouring and creating stories. When she's not surrounding herself with books, Emma likes to bake, explore museums, find the best pie shops in the country, and clown over Taylor Swift conspiracy theories. She lives in New York City with her dog, Ivy Jean.


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