Depravity - Book Review


Author: Emilie J. Howard
Genre: Fiction - Suspense
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-10: 1494294435
ISBN-13: 9781494294434

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Book Review of :  Depravity

depravity.jpg Depravity by Emilie J. Howard is set in the 1970's in small town Iowa. Peter Carston is a nineteen year old young man in Lehem, Iowa who has lost both parents and is finding his way in life. Early in the book he meets the love of his life--and as you progress through the book you come to love them both. Lehem becomes the center of strange, gruesome happenings on the full moon. Peter is the target, but the entire town comes together to try and solve the mystery behind the happenings and to catch the person, or thing, responsible. This little town does indeed lose some of its citizens (one or two that you will have become familiar with and loved) to the gruesome activities. In Depravity you not only deal with the full moon happenings once, but three times by three different assailants. Through the journey with this small town you will come to feel a part of it and thoroughly enjoy and love the residents. You will get to know the Warfield family, the warmth and togetherness of small town people and the paranormal happenings that won't let you put Depravity down. A very good read!!

About Emilie J. Howard

howard-emilie-j..jpg Emilie Howard lives amongst the wildlife and forests in Northern Rhode Island with her family. Here she taps away at her keyboard hoping to give her readers a chance at escape from the norm, an adventure into unknown realms, or a fright. Occasionally, she may force you to laugh aloud. After publishing her first few novels, one can hardly remove her from her post at the desk, except at night when the wolves are howling...


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