God's Focus on the Fatherless - Book Review

God's Focus on the Fatherless

Author: Dwight David Croy
Genre: Christian - Non Fiction
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Date Published: April 8, 2016
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 9781498235457

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Book Review of :  God's Focus on the Fatherless


"God's Focus on the Fatherless" is an exploration of Spiritual Influence in the Local Church. This study underscores the importance of recognizing, involving, and forming connections with individuals who lack paternal guidance.

It was researched and written by Dr. Dwight David Croy, who brings twenty-five years of experience as an Army Chaplain and serves as a counselor and mentor at a juvenile boys' residential home. Drawing from his roles as a father, counselor for soldiers with PTSD, and guide for young boys facing various social, psychological, and emotional challenges, he delves into the impact of fatherlessness. His exploration led him to examine the role of the Heavenly Father in individuals' lives and how local churches can address the repercussions of fatherlessness.

Dr. Croy discussed the relationship of God to the creation of humans and His place in the lives of Biblical characters, where He is a loving and compassionate persona. He also discussed God's relationship with the fatherless (absented or deceased father), the widows who no longer have a man's support, and strangers or aliens who have no direction. It is easy to see how a person who had no father figure in his life would not be able to accept God as a loving, caring figure.

Churches must take on the role of surrogate father in place of the absent father in order to provide the relationship and training that a person needs to be a healthy citizen. He discusses the following attributes of a loving father and discusses how a church can provide training in those characteristics. Fathers teach compassion, authority, relationships, and how to love and forgive. Fathers demonstrate proper discipline, respect for rules and responsibilities, and help build

Dr. Croy acknowledges the vital role of single moms in God's plan. He emphasizes that these moms not only shoulder the responsibilities typically associated with fathers, building character along the way, but also face challenges due to the absence of a husband's financial and emotional support.

This focused study guide will help the Christian church understand God's compassion for the hurting. The worksheets provided enable an individual or small group to take a fresh look at the needs of their congregation. The author has opened the eyes of individuals and churches to the needs of this group of citizens and how congregations can provide emotional aid and forgiveness and build self-esteem while giving a person the freedom to follow his dreams.

Study questions are inclusive. The text includes an extensive Bibliography and a Scripture Index of 43 references.

Reviewed by: Carole W

About Dwight David Croy


Dwight retired from Active Duty in the Army on 30 November 2014 received a Doctor of Ministry through George Fox University by May 2015, and enjoys the blessing of grandchildren in North Carolina. He has taught Juvenile Boys for seven years in a non-profit residential home that services the Department of Corrections and Safety in North Carolina. God has laid on his heart the plight of the fatherless and is now working on a series of books for boys in the area of Historical Fiction. He works now as a volunteer chaplain, teacher, and speaker as needed and requested. God has been faithful to place the family in places of crises and opportunities to influence the next generations. "God's Gracious Killer" is a 2023 Cadmus Book Award Winner! An International Award recognizing the category of Christian Fiction/Non-Fiction.


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