Owning Your Destiny - Book Review

Owning Your Destiny

Author: Duncan McLauren
Genre: Non Fiction - Self Help
Publisher: The Magic Toad, LLC
Date Published: November 4, 2021
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 9798985239768

Award Winning! Read what people are saying. "One of the most impressive things about this book is that everything discussed can be applied in practice and will be transformative for readers from different backgrounds and life phases”- Readers’ Favorite ★★★★★

"An effective self-help book with a uniquely precise focus, making the information more down-to-earth and actionable than other guides of its kind. Told with a gentle, at-times humorous tone, McLauren is a soothing and inspiring guide, leading by example with an engaging voice, and offering a good starting point for those who need to shed life-long negative habits to achieve happiness." Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

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Book Review of :  Owning Your Destiny


Author Duncan McLauren has written a powerful self-help guide, Owning Your Own Destiny. A Woman's Guide to Harnessing the Power Within, from her personal experiences. In her own voice and relating her insights about recovering from devastating trauma, she presents a motivational guide for women to help them improve their lives. She shares her unique challenges and her search for love and happiness so that others will be encouraged to change their lives from negative to positive.

In a disclaimer, McLauren states that her views are for entertainment, not expert instruction. She advises that the reader is responsible for reading the book and applying suggestions for actions in her life. The suggested exercises will aid the reader in reaching her destiny.

The author, a fifty-year-old divorced, single parent, took a life-changing trip to New Orleans during the period of recovery from her trying divorce.  She states that fate led her to a psychic who was able to help her to explore her past and the present and to look at her future. Working with him changed her life as she created a new identity and life. She describes her new self as adventurous, a risk-taker, and an overachiever. She was inspired to write this book as she gained insight into her own growth.

Her book is described as a twenty-five-day action plan. Some of the topics that are covered are creating a gratitude journal and an affirmation listing. She explores the meaning of love and what is happiness. Forms of meditation and creative visualization techniques are presented, as are topics of the power within, what is belief, and an in-depth look at what dreams mean. McLauren experienced psychic interaction with Tarot cards. She explains Tarot, the use of the cards, and how they affected her life.

The twenty-five-day workshop/blueprint presents in detail how to make plans and set goals by using journals and routines. This detailed guide will enable a woman who is determined to make changes in her life be successful with the many helpful strategies.

Find inspiration and empower yourself with Owning Your Own Destiny. A Woman's Guide to Harnessing the Power Within. Discover how to transform your mindset and manifest the life you've always envisioned. McLauren blends anecdotes, memorable quotes, practical exercises, and tough love to guide you toward harnessing a powerful and positive attitude.  

Reviewed by: carole BAP

About Duncan McLauren


Duncan McLauren is a Texas native. For five years of her life, she traveled abroad to such destinations as the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and Portugal before working with the government and CST, the largest insurer of art, jewelry, and antiquities in the world, as a contracted retrieval agent. She eventually settled in New Orleans, unlocking her own destiny that she now shares with others. When McLauren is not writing, she spends her time hosting in-person workshops and creating personalized anchor images, focus items, and vision boards for clients.


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