Rock Step Triple Homicide: An Introduction to Lindy Hop... AND a Murder Mystery - Book Review

Rock Step Triple Homicide: An Introduction to Lindy Hop... AND a Murder Mystery

Author: Doug Dorsey
Genre: Fiction - Mystery - Sleuth
Publisher: Studio 15 Publishing, Inc.
Date Published: March 3, 2023
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 979-8-9856953-6-6

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Book Review of :  Rock Step Triple Homicide: An Introduction to Lindy Hop... AND a Murder Mystery


Rock Step Triple Homicide by Doug Dorsey is an enthralling story of a dance cruise vacation adventure that goes awry. Detective Evann Myrick, a retired law enforcement officer who cracked The West Coast Swing murders, and his lady friend Victoria Monroe have embarked on a dance cruise for some well-deserved rest and relaxation; little do they know that this peaceful getaway will quickly spiral into a dangerous game of murder and deceit.

They were just getting their moves down when a shocking discovery transformed their vacation into a dangerous murder mystery. Retired Detective Myrick can't resist the urge to get involved with solving the case.   He wants to solve the mystery, apprehend the culprit before the cruise ends, and hopefully still enjoy a bit of a vacation, all while mastering the art of dance. As Detective Myrick investigates the various suspects on board, the suspense intensifies, leaving us questioning who among them is the killer. Dorsey weaves a perfect blend of suspense, intrigue, and escapism in the tale.

The backdrop of a huge cruise ship with thousands of passengers adds a palpable sense of suspense as the killer lurks among them, leaving us guessing who could be the culprit. The setting creates a murder mystery atmosphere, expertly utilized by author Doug Dorsey to enhance the story's overall tone. Surprisingly, this tone remains lighthearted and carefree, despite an unknown killer hiding among them. Adding to this is the recurring theme of dance, which provides the story with charm, romance, and humor.

The intriguing opening presents you with an intense and ominous scene. We are immediately drawn into a mysterious encounter between two individuals, Paul  Granger and  Talon Andilet.   Both of them are really big in the Lindy dance craze. But it appears that there is bad chemistry between the two of them. Soon thereafter, a person is believed to be missing – someone had reported a scream, resulting in the ship's Police Chief Moretti and his deputy getting involved. Retired Detective Myrick feels he must add his expertise to figuring out what is going on.

Dorsey's meticulous attention to detail in crafting multi-dimensional and distinctive characters adds an exhilarating element of suspense, making it nearly impossible to discern the true culprit until the gripping climax of the book. Notably, Victoria's lively persona injects a sense of lightness into the narrative and motivates Evann to venture beyond his familiar boundaries, delving into uncharted territory. The profound love for dance shines through within this captivating novel penned by a seasoned author. It is evident that the author possesses not only a deep knowledge of dance but also possesses a profound prowess in the Lindy, speaking about it with utmost confidence and authority.

In conclusion, it seems even on the high sea, Detective Evann Myrick can't escape an investigation for long. Murder on a cruise ship is a delicate matter. As he scours for the murderer amidst the luxury liner's guests, Myrick tries to narrow down the suspects. Is there a psychotic guest who is doing the killing, or is it a crew member? If you like cruise ship mysteries, then I would absolutely recommend that you give Rock Step Triple Homicide a read. 

Reviewed by: James B

About Doug Dorsey


Doug Dorsey is an award-winning and bestselling author. Among his books are Never Alone, Broken Hero, The Deception, The Red Ledger, The Betrayal and Kick Ball Slay: An Introduction to West Coast Swing... And a Murder Mystery. He's a former prosecuting attorney from the North Florida area and spent over 15 years fighting crime. In 2010, the Mayor of Jacksonville declared him the top advocate for victims in the 4th Circuit's judicial system. He also formerly served as faculty for the prestigious National District Attorneys Association. Doug Dorsey graduated from the University of Miami School of Law in 2000, and currently practices law with his father, William J. Dorsey, Esquire. He's also an award-winning filmmaker and a dance instructor, teaching both West Coast Swing and Country 2-Step.

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