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"Be a Better Manager in Five Minutes a Day," by Dominic McLoughlin, is a comprehensive and informative resource that reveals methods for becoming a successful manager. This invaluable guide offers practical advice and strategies to help you effortlessly navigate team management challenges.

"Be a Better Manager in Five Minutes a Day," is both an efficient and reliable managerial guide, supported by extensive research and practical wisdom. It's not just informative but also incredibly accessible. Designed specifically for busy leaders who claim to lack time, this book is tailored to their needs. Need quick and valuable insights on a specific topic? Simply refer to the table of contents, select your desired area, and within 5 to 10 minutes, you'll be equipped with valuable knowledge to enhance your management skills.

Becoming an exceptional manager is not a matter of luck or natural talent. It requires dedication and a commitment to personal growth. If you're invested enough in your own development to be reading McLoughlin's book, then you already possess the potential to become an extraordinary manager. Discover the key principles and strategies to unlock your true potential and elevate your management skills to a whole new level.

McLoughlin emphasizes that building trust is a crucial component for any manager aspiring to be successful. This point is stressed repeatedly in his book that your chances of success as a manager are greatly diminished without the trust of your team. From my own work experience, I would certainly concur with his assessment.

Delve into nine chapters packed with crucial information and actionable strategies to help you excel in your role. Gain a clear understanding of the essential principles that will make a lasting impact on your professional growth. Discover the key elements to elevate your managerial skills with this accessible and insightful book.

The opening chapter immediately highlights the crucial role of trust. In the following chapter, "Best and Worst Manager Survey," you have the opportunity to assess your position as a manager. Have you exhibited the same flaws he discusses, such as resistance to change, demotivating employees through superiority, and taking credit for their achievements? These actions can leave hardworking individuals demoralized and hinder future innovation.

One particular chapter titled "Being an Inspiration" captures my attention. As someone who has never encountered an inspirational manager outside of the army, I find this topic of great significance. Throughout my professional journey, I have mostly encountered managers who embody all the negative qualities that make for a poor leader – they have been the epitome of what McLoughlin warns against. It is crucial to delve into this chapter, taking its teachings to heart and implementing them so you will inspire your team.

"Be a Better Manager in Five Minutes a Day," is an excellent book for anyone who is in a leadership position. Many great ideas and bits of wisdom are presented in an easy-to-read and understandable format. Bottom line it is a guide that can help one excel in management. With real-life examples and expert analysis, this handbook focuses on the essential skills for efficient leadership. Learn how to prioritize goals, and motivate your team. Overcome obstacles, master the art of delegation, and much more. Don't miss out on this straightforward guide that will help you thrive as a manager.

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About Dominic McLoughlin


With 20 years of experience in Leadership and People Management, Dr. Dominic McLoughlin began his career in the high-conflict area of Industrial Relations. Moving into People Management to help prevent issues from arising, Dominic has helped clients in many different industries, including IT, finance, retail, and education. Dominic undertook his Ph.D. at UNSW, researching the importance of integrity and character in management behavior for building trust within organizations. His first book is based on his thesis and takes an academic approach to workplace trust: Knowledge Worker Trust Witin Organisations (2014). Dominic also has 20 years of experience teaching and facilitating a diverse range of university courses on people management. He currently delivers programs at the AGSM, Western Sydney University, and his own business. His second book is a practical guide, particularly for new managers: Be a Better Manager in Five Minutes a Day (2022). Dominic is a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders, the Australian Human Resources Institute, the Higher Education Academy, and the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development. In addition to his Ph.D., Dominic has a Bachelor of Commerce, a Master of Business from the University of Technology Sydney, and a number of publications. Dominic works with managers at all levels to improve the management of their people.

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