GodSway - Book Review


Author: Diana Skidmore Keathley
Genre: Christian - Non Fiction
Publisher: Msi Press
Date Published: October 2, 2023
ISBN-10: 1957354305
ISBN-13: 9781957354309

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Book Review of :  GodSway


GodSway, My Anecdotes with God, penned by Diana Skidmore Keathley, is a captivating memoir that emboldens those seeking answers to God's mysterious ways. Through the author's intimate narrative and her encounters with Messages from God, readers will find resonance in their own life experiences. The reader is left pondering whether these extraordinary events are divine miracles or mere coincidences. 

Keathley is highly trained as a Foreign Language educator. She has traveled extensively and is an advocate for immigrant families. She relates her story in first person with descriptive details that allow the reader to relate. Keathley experienced terrifying situations and a sense of foreboding and suffered from anxiety for most of her young life. Her journey-of-faith narrative includes a lifetime of misadventures and close-call accidents. She clearly relates an occasion of feeling desperate despair as a teenager when she struggled with the physical effects of the panic attacks. This incident began her slow growth toward faith and acceptance of God's love. She questioned the seemingly unexplainable consequences of personal trials and questioned whether the results were good luck or divine intervention. 

The author weaves together poignant family stories and personal anecdotes to chart a transformative journey from doubt to acceptance. Faced with a profound challenge to her belief system, she finds herself at a crossroads when she desperately hopes for a daughter after having two sons. The timing of her baby's arrival threatens to disrupt her career as a teacher, and she grapples with fears about the strain it will place on her family. Adding to her concerns is the uncertainty surrounding her doctor's availability. However, against all odds, her fervent prayers for her third pregnancy are answered in a truly miraculous way. Through her experiences, she gains a newfound clarity of purpose and discovers the power of faith in the ordinary moments of everyday life.

As a result of her experiences, Keathley matured into a woman of faith with a personal relationship with a loving Creator. The reader will find the words of assurance and guidance Keathley received as a child to be comforting. The awesome, miraculous, and unexplainable events that saved her life will cause the reader to question his own experiences and contemplate whether God's protecting hand was evident. 

In this remarkable book, Keathley recounts her journey filled with moments of self-doubt and discouragement. However, amidst the challenges, she also shares her profound encounters with dreams, the whispers of God, and the manifestation of miracles. Through these experiences, Keathley's faith blossoms, serving as a powerful testimony of God's eternal love. This inspiring read is a must-share for those seeking encouragement and a reminder of the divine presence in our lives.  

Reviewed by: carole

About Diana Skidmore Keathley


Diana Skidmore-Keathley is a life-long Foreign Language and TESL educator who has worked for decades advocating for immigrant families. She also works passionately in Church leadership, through Life Groups, Bible studies, Prayer Team, and music, and loves nothing more than sharing her stories about God. She lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband of 43 years near their children and grandchildren.


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