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space-games.jpg Space Games by Dean Lombardo is sc-fi at it's best. Hollywood has taken the battle of the sexes to the next level in Space Games. It is set in 2034 aboard a space station. No holes barred in this battle-with the stakes so high that each contestant feels an urgency to best the other and walk away with the prize money. The contestants are mean and ugly to each other on their fight to the finish. At the onset you will wonder how woman can equal or surpass man in strength--hang on Robin is a feisty competitor and can handle it on her own. With the reality TV craze going on in America, Space Games can be enjoyed by a wide spectrum of readers. It not only is sci-fi, but there is lots of scientific angles in the book. Lombardo has done a masterful job with telling a story of fierce competition be- tween the sexes, sleazy producers, superconductors, zero gravity. See Space Games has something for everyone. Sit down with Space Games - you will enjoy.

About Dean Lombardo

lombardo-dean.jpg Born in Norwalk, CT in 1968 and now residing in northern Virginia, "Space Games" author Dean Lombardo has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and a natural curiosity about the universe and the many things in it. His first novel, "Vespa," was published in 2007. Lombardo also works as a writer and editor in information technology. Previously, he served as an editor and reporter for several newspapers and magazines in New York and Connecticut. Besides writing and traveling, Lombardo enjoys hiking, and reading suspenseful novels and mainstream scientific journals such as Discover and National Geographic. He and his wife, Karen, have two children and a dog

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