These Hands - Book Review

These Hands

Author: Darcy Daniel
Genre: Romance - Contemporary
Publisher: Thorpe-Bowker Australia
Date Published: March 26, 2024
ISBN-10: 0992400422
ISBN-13: 978-0992400422

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Book Review of :  These Hands


"These Hands" by Darcy Daniel is a captivating tale about an individual named Lucas Daniels, who possesses the extraordinary power to heal with his two hands. He can heal bugs, birds, cats, and even humans, which is where the complications arise. This remarkable gift was inherited from his father's side. Although it seems like a divine blessing, it becomes Lucas's burden.

Emily, Luke's mother, is convinced that keeping his healing powers a secret is crucial to avoid him being inundated with requests from the sick and injured. Moreover, using his remarkable abilities significantly impacts his own health. Every act of healing depletes his energy, frequently rendering him weak and unconscious, with the looming fear that this transference of life force could eventually cost him his life.

To protect himself from being discovered, Lucas is homeschooled and forced to wear gloves to avoid accidental contact that could trigger his life-force transference. They live in a cheap apartment with paper-thin walls. One day, while in his bedroom, Lucas hears the voice of their new neighbor, Kelsey. She has a beautiful voice and plays the guitar but lives with her drunkard mother. Despite his mother's warnings that befriending Kelsey is too dangerous, Lucas defies her, and the two soon become close friends. When Kelsey learns Lucas's secret, she initially considers him a bit of a freak. A terrible accident occurs, leaving Kelsey badly injured. Lucas wants to use his powers to heal her completely but is prevented from doing so. This tragedy forces Lucas's mother to move them to a new town to hide him from Kelsey and her father.

As an adult, Lucas settles in a small rural town and eventually becomes a veterinarian. His mother still lives with him and helps protect him from discovery. He stays single and is looked at by the town residents as perhaps a gay man because he shows no interest in any of the women who find him attractive.

Lucas remains unaware that Kelsey still harbors feelings for her first love and longs to see what he has become as an adult. After the tragic accident, Kelsey's life takes many turns. She pursues her dream of becoming a singer and musician, striving to leave the past behind. She grows very close to her father and eventually relocates to the countryside.

Lucas has honed his special powers throughout this period to become an exceptionally successful veterinarian. While the townsfolk praise his veterinary prowess, they still find him peculiar due to his constant habit of wearing gloves. Much like John Coffey from The Green Mile, with his own mysterious healing abilities, Lucas also draws attention from those who don't understand him, breeding animosity and posing a potential threat to his safety.

As the story unfolds, the struggles and triumphs of the six featured characters come vividly to life. Through their unique perspectives and personalities, readers are able to empathize with and grasp the complexities of their lives. This profound understanding of the characters fosters a deeper connection to the narrative and its themes. The story elicits a spectrum of emotions—laughter, anger, irritation, and sadness—resulting in a rich and engaging reading experience. Will the Kelsey and Lucas reunite? What happens as Luke's enemies close in on him? Highly recommended!

Reviewed by: David H

About Darcy Daniel


Darcy Daniel enjoyed reading from an early age and fell in love with many genres, but was drawn most of all to romance. Darcy enjoys life in a picturesque, small historic town just outside Sydney, Australia.

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