The Cost of Living - Book Review


The Cost of Living

Author: Daisy DeMay
Genre: Fiction - Womens
Publisher: Atmosphere Press
Date Published: April 3, 2023
ISBN-10: 9781639888764


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Book Review of :  The Cost of Living


"The Cost of Living," by  Daisy DeMay explores a dystopian world shaped by unprecedented natural disasters. In "Demay's Story," readers are confronted with a chilling portrayal of a possible future. This cautionary tale serves as a powerful reminder that we must urgently address the devastating impact of extreme weather patterns on our planet.

The beginning of "The Cost of Living," is a heart-wrenching tale. We hear the haunting voice of Sara, a mother who tragically loses her two young children in a devastating onslaught of tornadoes. These merciless natural disasters strip her of everything she cherished - her home, her town, and her beloved little ones. The narrative's focus then shifts to her journey of coping with loss and displaying resilience in the face of utter devastation. Her story unfolds with gripping intensity as she strives to rebuild her life amidst the ruins. In the depths of despair, she becomes consumed by depression and thoughts of ending her own life. But then, Adam and Sam come into her life, and a glimmer of hope emerges. They captivate her with their charisma and mystery, and she can't help but feel drawn to them. There is something inexplicable about them, yet above all else, they become her allies in a shattered world.

In the aftermath of the destructive tornados, a nearby prison lies demolished and devoid of electricity. The people living near the prison now face the terrifying realization that society's most dangerous criminals will soon be unleashed from their confinement. Freed from their restraints, these individuals pose an imminent threat of committing unimaginable acts of horror. Sara's community now stands on the precipice of a chilling nightmare.

In this thought-provoking fiction, the question arises: in a society devoid of law enforcement, should citizens assume the duty of dispensing justice, thereby eliminating murderers who are unchecked because of the lack of police? These criminals, some of whom are notorious serial killers and rapists, derive sadistic pleasure from their heinous acts and leave trails of innocent victims in their wake.

As the pages turn, the author delves into the ethical complexities of vigilante justice, revealing gripping stories and compelling arguments. This engaging book forces readers to confront their deepest-held beliefs about justice, morality, and the lengths to which we are willing to go to protect ourselves and innocent lives in general. DeMay skillfully incorporates "hyper-empathy" to immerse readers in her characters' profoundly emotional and challenging lives.

Intricate and captivating, the narrative entwines a complex love triangle involving Sara, Adam, and Sam. The story concludes with a shocking twist that will catch readers off guard.

Reviewed by: david

About Daisy DeMay

Daisy DeMay lives in Illinois with her children and husband of 25 years. She loves sitting and watching the storms roll in. She enjoys reading outside in the warmth of the sun. When she's not working, she creates stories to share. She has a fascination with the macabre. She approaches everything in life with a mix of passion and logic.


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