The Light In Her Life - Book Review


The Light In Her Life

Author: Charles M
Genre: Fiction - Drama
Date Published: January 22, 2017

Book Review of :  The Light In Her Life

the-light-in-her-life.jpg The Light In Her Life by Charles M. is Iris's story. Iris is a young paralegal (divorce attorneys), married and like most others wading through life. Iris is walking through the park and is struck by lightning. There begins the change in Iris's life that will enthrall the reader to the very last page of the book. After the lightning strike Iris has visions and feelings that bode things to come. Not only the visions, but Iris's life takes another unexpected turn. Carl, her husband, asks for a divorce. Iris is rather shocked by this--primarily because Iris had news for Carl also. She never chose to reveal her news after the divorce request. From there the reader will spend years with Iris and follow her through the next phase of her life. Prepare to feel joyous, hopeful, sad and countless other emotions. You truly will have a kinship with Iris, Danny and Sam. Charles M. has written an endearing story that captivates the reader early on and never disappoints. He has a writing style that lets you sit back read and thoroughly enjoy. Don't miss this one!! Loved The Light In Her Life!!

About Charles M

m-charles.jpg Iris couldn't anticipate the day that a pleasant stroll in the park would change her life forever. Lightning struck, unleashing its brief, yet powerful force upon her...but a more mysterious force lingered.

Visions soon began to plague Iris: vivid scenes projected in her mind's eye?that is, until the visions become her reality.

But when a recurring vision remains just beyond perception, Iris comes to find that she anticipated more in life than she knew...


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