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Channeling Harrison

Channeling Harrison by David Young is the memoir of Young's life and his relationship with George Harrison. David Young is a very accomplished musician. His career has spanned many facets of the industry and he is well received and acknowledged in each of these areas. David recounts the ups and downs, bad times and good times of his life in ...

Chaos at the Concours: A Thomas Ballard Mystery

Chaos at the Concours by D.G. Stern is a murder mystery featuring Thomas Ballard and his lady friend, detective Olivia Nederfield. They have been invited to attend the 35th annual Concours d’Elegance at the Indian Whisper Golf Course on Little Loggerhead Island. There will be 600 beautifully preserved vehicles from the past at the ...


Chasers by Vivian Hwang is set in a small town in Colorado. The story opens with three young adults-Shelby, Gary and May. The prologue introduces you to the narrator Shelby who explains the similarity between her and the other two teens. That will be your first shock. Needless to say, these three teens are different from the other kids in their ...

Chasing 120

Chasing 120 by Monte Wolverton deals with ever so popular and practiced premise of our society--do what it takes to live longer. Meet Dr. Tyler Belknap that has quite the following-due to the fact that he promises 120 years of life. The key to this longevity is his Bible based regimen and of course the purchase of his products. Dr. Belknap is seen ...

Citadel of the Fallen

Readers of thriller fantasies will be engrossed by Citadel of the Fallen, by JR Konkol. A group of quirky teenagers living in an isolated citadel hidden deep within a magical rainforest is confronted with multiple challenges. Each of the main characters is endowed with distinct personalities, talents, and mystical faculties. The youth are in quest ...

City in a Forest

City in a Forest by Ginger Pinholster is a contemporary fiction told from multiple viewpoints. Arden Collier, a struggling artist, is introduced in the first sentence as she opens a letter that features "an amateurish sketch of two crossed nails, reminding her of the county’s plan to crucify her.” Arden’s dilemma is compounded ...

Cold Betrayal

What would motivate a young secretary to drive a clunker from sunny Florida to Quebec, Canada, in January? Cold Betrayal by A. J. McCarthy follows Tori Anderson on her so-called vacation. The novel chronicles how fateful choices can often result in harrowing consequences. Naïve and trusting, Tori optimistically begins a suspenseful quest to ...


On April 20, 1999, two boys left an indelible stamp on the American psyche. Their goal was simple: to blow up their school, Oklahoma City-style, and to leave "a lasting impression on the world." Their bombs failed, but the ensuing shooting defined a new era of school violence-irrevocably branding every subsequent shooting "another Columbine." When ...

Coming Home

Coming Home by Gloria Javillonar Palileo is the story of a young boy named Juan who through no fault of his has to live his life being excluded. Juan has lived his entire life in Alabama, but because of his distinctive looks has not been accepted as an American. Juan's mother is from the Philippines. Therein lies the problem-Juan looks Filipino ...


Amy Rivers, author of the literary thriller, Complicit, holds degrees in political science and psychology, and has extensive experience with the topic of this true-to-life contemporary fiction. Protagonist, Kate Medina, is introduced through a brief glimpse of her traumatic teen years. She and her friend, Roman, had discovered the murdered ...


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