A Transformative Union, knowing your identity in Christ, and cultivating a heart of worship - Book Review

A Transformative Union, knowing your identity in Christ, and cultivating a heart of worship

Author: Benjamin Mena
Genre: Christian - Devotion/Study
Publisher: Benjamin Mena
Date Published: August 28, 2023
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: N/A

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Book Review of :  A Transformative Union, knowing your identity in Christ, and cultivating a heart of worship


Author Benjamin Mena’s concise, spiritually helpful small book, A Transformative Union. Knowing Your Identity in Christ and Cultivating a Heart of Worship will be a welcome addition to any Christian’s library.  His goal in writing is to understand the value of relationships with God and Worship. Through extensive research and comprehensive study, Mena has developed his easy-to-follow spiritual growth plan.

By aligning a believer’s heart with God, a life-changing, transformed life will become more Christ-like when relating to others. Readers can develop a heart of worship in every aspect of their lives through the discovery of lifelong worship. The author recommends beginning every day with a time of praise and gratitude. Memorizing and recalling Scripture will lead to meditation and prayer. Being in tune with God will lead to a better sense of identity and understanding of life’s purpose, direction, and self-worth, resulting in positive relationships and the desire to help others through love and grace.

The author asks, how does God define us? He lists ten affirmations of self-worth with scripture references. He then amplifies, explains, and expands the listed passages. The suggestions will enable a person to find a sense of belonging and value in a life calling, a purpose for his life. Thus leading to new beginnings with God in charge.

The author includes challenges and methods for memorizing Scripture that will be helpful for persons who feel intimidated by the process of memorization. The suggestions are applicable to any topic to be memorized.

Experience the transformative power of identifying with Christ through reflection, meditation, and righteous living. Through Mena's plan discover the profound spiritual connection that comes from worshipping with memorized scriptures and sharing your faith with others.

Mena has created a remarkable guide that seamlessly combines an understanding of our identity in Christ with the power of heartfelt worship. A Transformative Union, knowing your identity in Christ, and cultivating a heart of worship is a must-read for Christians seeking to infuse their daily lives with the transformative joy that comes from immersing ourselves in holy Scripture. With its practical approach, this guide successfully fulfills its mission to assist readers in their spiritual journey. Expect this author to continue to write his inspiring, motivational texts.

Reviewed by: Carole W

About Benjamin Mena

I have a wonderful, talented, and industrious wife, and two beautiful daughters that make me proud. I am a project manager in construction by trade, and have graduated in the field of mechanical engineering technology. My heart's passion, and God's leading in my life is to be an encourager of men who desire to grow in their Christian faith, and in their identity in Christ. The small group setting is what I have found to be the best means to build on those very special relationships and times of sharing life together in an atmosphere of vulnerability and confidentiality. The Promise Keeper movement was the catalyst for starting those small groups for me close to 20 years ago. My first experience, being part of a small group, got me hooked. I will forever be blessed from that setting and the many relationships that continue to blossom out of them. As Iron sharpens iron, so one child of God sharpens another. Some of my other passions are tennis, chess, & learning guitar, especially as an instrument of worship to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


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