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Sometimes friendships are found in the most unexpected places. The Hummingbird & the Narwhal by Annie Higbee is a children's book that shows this flawlessly.

In this heartwarming tale, a hummingbird and a narwhal find themselves facing unexpected challenges on their migration journeys. Despite their physical differences, these two creatures discover that they have much in common, particularly their determination to reach their destination. 

When fate brings them together in the Arctic, they forge an unlikely friendship that transcends boundaries. Despite living in different worlds, their kinship grows stronger every day. They learn that, even in the midst of chaos, they can rely on each other. Together, they navigate the treacherous ocean and sky, providing aid when the other is in need.

As their bond deepens, their loyalty is put to the test. The hummingbird becomes weak from hunger and struggles to fly, and the narwhal yearns to find how to find his way home to reunite with his family. Yet, despite these formidable challenges, they never lose sight of their friendship. Their story demonstrates the incredible power of compassion and camaraderie in the most unlikely places.  

But when the hummingbird is unable to fly, and the narwhal becomes separated from his family, their bond is put to the ultimate test. Will they be able to overcome these obstacles and continue their journey together? 

The book's layout has a captivating visual rhythm that adds a lively feel to the read. Accompanied by stunning, digitally colored illustrations by self-taught artist and author Annie Higbee, the book exudes an elegant, easygoing tone. Annie's extensive experience in drawing, painting, digital art, and sculpture is reflected in the subtlety and delicacy of the illustrations that perfectly complement the text. The illustrations adeptly lead readers through the story, rendering it remarkably easy to comprehend. It is worth noting that Annie's art has been showcased in galleries throughout Maine and New Hampshire, cementing her place in the art world. 

|Annie's passion for animals is beautifully showcased in this enchanting book. In "The Hummingbird and the Narwhal," readers learn that despite appearances and differences, animals are capable of forming genuine connections with each other and with humans.

This heartwarming tale transcends reason and logic to celebrate the power of love and friendship. Through the charming relationship between a hummingbird and a narwhal, the book reminds us that we don't have to look alike to find common ground.

Join these two extraordinary creatures as they explore their similarities and differences, and discover the joy of true friendship. "The Hummingbird and the Narwhal" is a must-read for anyone who shares Annie's passion for animals and the beauty of the natural world.

"The Hummingbird and the Narwhal" is a touching story of the power of friendship in the face of adversity.  


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About Annie Higbee


Always encouraged by her mother to write, Annie Higbee's first job after graduating from Cornell University was writing for her hometown newspaper in Westchester County, New York. She worked on feature articles and stories about the environment. One of her articles won Best Feature Article Award in the New York State Press Association. She continued on to work with The New York Times and Gannett Newspapers. Annie is a self-taught artist whose mediums include photography, drawing, painting, digital art, and sculpture. Her art has been exhibited in galleries in Maine and New Hampshire. Annie cares deeply for animals and is committed to helping them express their sentiments to the world. "Humans are not the only inhabitants on the earth and all creatures have a message that needs to be heard." Annie lives in Maine, USA, and Oaxaca, Mexico with her daughter, Cecile, and her doggie Bella, who is portrayed as the dog in this illustrated book. This is her first children's book. And Bella's first appearance.

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