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Evermark by Annie B. Carwyn is the story of Liam and Roselyn and their daughters. The story is set in 1609 and deals with adultery between a man and two young girls. One of the girls, Opal, tells her parents about the incidents--which results in Liam's arrest and torture. Roselyn is home with her daughters when the authorities arrive to let her know Liam has been arrested and why. She is devastated and bewildered. And there is where the story begins--a story of forgiveness, evaluation of one's soul, grace and hopefulness. Liam is released on bond until his trial date-returns to his parents home to live. Roselyn and Liam both begin the journey of seeking God's role for them in this most unspeakable situation. Roselyn proves to be the strongest, kindest and most endearing woman you have ever read about. Love and forgiveness are the center around which each Liam and Roselyn set their purpose for getting through this horrible ordeal. Liam is very repentant and Roselyn is very forgiving. Evermark leads you through the process and journey they each travel to get to sentencing day. Roselyn is both honest and forthcoming with her daughters about the mistakes Liam has made, but sets such a great example for them on forgiveness and love. At page one you will not see what is coming your way in terms of marriage and relationships. Not only Roselyn and her daughters, but her entire family are effected and changed by the events of Evermark. Carwyn has a beautiful writing style. You will be engrossed and touched throughout the entire book. A must read!!!!

2017 Fiction - Christian

About Annie Carwyn

carwyn-annie.jpg Annie Carwyn resides in sunny California with her ruggedly handsome husband, two talented children, and a menagerie of furry friends. With a master's degree in education, she spends the majority of her time teaching students as a reading and writing specialist. When she isn't working with students, she can be found out on the trails riding her white Arabian mare. Annie's love of horses started early in life with western pleasure riding that later led to competitions in jumping events, dressage, and polo matches. Annie's happy place is definitely anywhere in the great outdoors. She enjoys gardening, hiking, backpacking, jogging, kayaking, sailing, and, of course, horseback riding. Akin to her namesake, Annie is a naturally talented marksman who enjoys spending time at the range. As quick as she is with a rifle, she is with a skillet. She loves the time she spends cooking for her family and hanging out with them at home.

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