Sea Glass Memories - Book Review

Sea Glass Memories

Author: Anne Marie Bennett
Genre: Fiction - Womens
Publisher: Kaleidosoul Media
Date Published: October 1, 2023
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 979-8-9860503-5-5

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Book Review of :  Sea Glass Memories


The Sea Glass Memories is an arresting new novel by   Anne Marie Bennett. It’s a love story about captured hearts, a  story of loves so enduring and profound they can turn tragedy into triumph.

The story is set in the enchanting village of Seahaven, Maine, where tragedy and resilience intertwine. Elena Jeffries, the protagonist of this captivating tale, takes a courageous leap that changes her life forever. Leaving behind the vibrant streets of Boston, Massachusetts, she moves to Seahaven, Maine, driven by the encouragement of her brother, Carlos. This story explores her quest for a new beginning and the challenges she faces along the way.

Beneath Elena's composed facade lies a world of emotional torment. Haunted by the devastating loss of Marc, her beloved husband, she battles to find solace in her new surroundings. Little does she know her rented apartment is the key to a connection she never expected.

Elena embarks on a new chapter as the English teacher at Seahaven High School. As she navigates through her grief, she unknowingly encounters a kindred spirit, Kit Gilmore, who happens to be the owner of apartment she rents. Kit also bears the weight of her own heart-wrenching loss. Together, these two souls stand as a testament to the indomitable human spirit, refusing to surrender to their pain.

In this heartfelt novel, Elena embarks on a journey of self-discovery as she seeks counseling to navigate the depths of her grief. With a newfound interest in life, she finds herself drawn to a mysterious man, but fear holds her back from exploring the connection.

Meanwhile, Kit Gilmore's captivating backstory unfolds. Half a century ago she was discovered by a talent agent, who persuades her to leave her old life behind and pursue a modeling career in the bustling streets of New York. Although haunted by the memory of her deceased fiancé, Kit gradually finds solace in her new life, piecing together her shattered heart.

This gripping tale explores the intertwining paths of Elena and Kit as they navigate their shared experiences of grief, healing, and, ultimately, unexpected connections. Dive into this profound analysis of the human spirit, and discover the power of embracing life once again.

The Sea Glass Memories transports you to a world of deep emotions, vivid imagery, and unforgettable storytelling. With a narrative style reminiscent of blockbuster novels like Water For Elephants and The Notebook, readers will be enchanted and challenged to ponder life's most thought-provoking questions.

This is a must-read that will leave a lasting impact.

Reviewed by: James B

About Anne Marie Bennett


Anne Marie Bennett has been writing stories and novels since the sixth grade when she was assigned to write a short story and instead turned in a forty-page handwritten novel. Fast forward fifty years and she's still writing! She is the author of multiple essays, works of nonfiction, and fiction including Feathers in the Sand, the first in the Seahaven Sunrise series. Her previous novel, Dragonflies at Night, is the winner of the Pencraft Award for Literary Excellence and the Reader's Favorite Book Award Honorable Mention in Women's Fiction 2021. When she's not writing, Anne Marie is the owner of and dedicates her time to guiding people in the intuitive process of SoulCollage via online workshops and in-person retreats. She lives in eastern Massachusetts with her big-hearted, silver-haired, number-oriented husband, one beloved adolescent feline, and a treasury of birds, squirrels, and chipmunks who keep them entertained. Frequent stays in coastal Maine continue to inspire her writing.

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