Communicating Through a Pandemic - Book Review

Communicating Through a Pandemic

Author: Amelia Burke-Garcia
Genre: Non Fiction - Health - Medical
Publisher: Productivity Press
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-10: 9781032212531
ISBN-13: 978-1032212531

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Book Review of :  Communicating Through a Pandemic


Dr. Burke-Garcia's book, "Communicating Through a Pandemic," is an insightful book about the Covid-19 pandemic that left 6 million people dead. This expertly written book by Dr. Burke-Garcia takes you on an educational journey through the pandemic and its global impact. With clarity and authority, the author explores how our lives have been transformed and the collective response to this unprecedented crisis. Accessible and engaging, this insightful book offers a profound understanding of the challenges the world faced.

In her narrative, she not only sheds light on the tragic loss of life but also on the sense of confinement, uncertainty about employment, and other challenges that were further compounded by an avalanche of worries and anxieties. She talks about individuals fearing sickness for themselves and others and grappling with that constant burden of financial responsibilities. This situation created for many a profound sense of sadness and depression stemming from feelings of isolation, concerns about the state of the world, and an uncertain path ahead.Dr. Burke-Garcia's book focuses on the major communication problems that were faced during the pandemic. In addition to the disease itself, we also faced the spread of misinformation, disinformation, and information overload. A combination of factors, like the influence of social media and an overabundance of sources and methods for sharing information, contributed to this crisis. Misinformation campaigns targeted the COVID-19 vaccine effort, among others, causing significant challenges to the success of the vaccination campaign. Amid this chaotic storm of contradictory information, people were left bewildered and exhausted. They found themselves at the mercy of a multitude of unpredictable decisions. Desperate for resources like food and basic necessities, they lived in constant uncertainty, never knowing what challenges the coming day would bring.

She includes inspiring real-life stories of individuals who navigated the challenges of the pandemic with resilience and adaptability. Learn how these individuals transformed their work routines and served their communities. From in-depth interviews with food delivery workers who faced heightened exposure to the disease to insights from stay-at-home workers, gain a comprehensive understanding of the diverse experiences during this time. The advantages and disadvantages of remote work are also addressed in the narrative.

Communicating Through a Pandemic is a captivating blend of real-life stories, scientific studies, and public health communication principles. Dr. Burke-Garcia's engaging writing style makes this book a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the pandemic with ease. With a wealth of accessible data, it provides answers to our questions about COVID-19: What can we learn from this crisis to better prepare for the future? With a focus on the past, present, and future, this book serves as a timeless reflection on life in the twenty-first century.

Reviewed by: James B

About Amelia Burke-Garcia


Dr. Burke-Garcia is a seasoned health communications professional with 20 years of experience in health communication program planning, implementation, and evaluation. At NORC, she leads the organization's Health Communication Science Program Area, where she designs and implements strategies that leverage the power of communication science to influence behavior. She has been overseeing the award-winning How Right Now/Que Hacer Ahora campaign since 2020, which aims to increase people's ability to cope and be resilient. She is the author of the books, Influencing Health: A Comprehensive Guide to Working with Social media Influencers, and Communicating Through a Pandemic: A Chronicle of Experiences, Lessons Learned, and a Vision for the Future. She has been highlighted by the U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, for her work in honor of Women's History Month and has been named to's list of 10 Modern Female Innovators Shaking Up Health Care.

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