Till I Bleed No More - Book Review

Till I Bleed No More

Author: Alexander Ellis
Genre: Fiction - Historical
Publisher: Alexander Ellis
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-10: 0645764108
ISBN-13: 978-0645764109

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Book Review of :  Till I Bleed No More


"Till I Bleed No More" by Alexander Ellis is an adventurous tale set in the twilight of the pirate era. For millennia, pirates had terrorized ocean voyagers and coastal inhabitants, plundering ships and shores, wreaking havoc on the lives and livelihoods of both the wealthy and the impoverished. By 1728, piracy had been outlawed by governments worldwide, and the eradication of this scourge had become the primary objective of naval missions – the Pirate hunters.

Our protagonist, Casper Nait, finds himself stranded on a Caribbean island after his ship, the Revenant, is destroyed in a massive battle that claims the lives of the entire crew, save for him and his shipmate, Fletch. Fortunately, the island where they are stranded is one where they had stored provisions. After recovering the supplies and burying the dead who had washed ashore, they are visited by another ship. The vessel, named Serpent, is a pirate ship commanded by Captain Avery. This crew, consisting entirely of women, proves to be just as, if not more, formidable than any male pirate crew.
If you think the premise of female pirates is farfetched, consider the real-life pirate legends Anne Bonny and Mary Read, who could guzzle rum, curse, and wield a pistol or cutlass as well as any male pirate.

The year 1728 was perilous for pirates, as England and other nations actively hunted and destroyed their ships and imprisoned or hung the crew. Casper vowed to exact revenge on the woman and vessel responsible for the sinking of his ship and killing his crew. This marked a turning point in his pirating career, as he became more ruthless as he plotted his revenge. Casper remained true to his promise of revenge and continued to target the woman responsible for his downfall. Would Casper finally find the ship he sought and sink the vessel responsible for his grief?

The story follows Casper's quest to find the ship and the woman who defeated him and his crew. He is determined to make her pay for her actions. Along his journey, he encounters numerous individuals, but most turn out to be adversaries rather than allies. Casper is a strong character, engaging in numerous sword, physical, and knife fights throughout the narrative. He is not immune to injuries; in fact, he is frequently wounded in his battles. Eventually, he becomes haunted by the spirit of a fallen comrade. This tale is a thrilling, high-seas adventure, fast-paced and packed with action, featuring three-dimensional characters and abundant plot twists.

Alexander Ellis possesses a remarkable talent for bringing his stories to life, captivating our imaginations, and transporting us to bygone eras. In the case of "Till I Bleed No More,"  he immerses us in high-seas adventures, treasure hunts, and the romance and trials of that age. It's a delightful read, drawing us into the thrilling world of maritime exploits and granting us the chance to live the life of a pirate, if only for a while.

Till I Bleed No More masterfully recreates the life and times of the real pirates of the Caribbean.

Reviewed by: Judy R.

About Alexander Ellis


Alexander Ellis is a debut Australian author born in Victoria but raised in Canberra ACT. His debut novel Till I Bleed No More has garnered various praise from outlet's such as Literary Titan and Reader's views, with his immersive and enthralling storytelling earning him awards from them and other institutions. Consisting of English and Australian origins, Alexander's interest in pirates began at a young age, and only grew with time.


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